SR-JV80-17 Country Collection
Expansion board

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  The SR-JV80-17 "Country Collection" is entirely dedicated to the famous American music genre.  This was produced jointly with Sampleheads (probably from their sample CD "Whole Lotta Country"), and is a tremendous addiction to your sample library, especially if you play country, bluegrass, western and other Americana genres.

There are many, many well-sampled waveforms of all the instruments you'll ever need to compose and record for this genre:  sparkly, expressive acoustic guitars, metallic dobros, realistic banjos, earthy mandolins, raspy fiddles, and plenty of electric guitars:  Stratocasters, lap-steel guitars, 335s, 6-string basses, and the star of this genre: the mighty Telecaster.

With some effort in programming in a sequencer, it's possible to achieve extreme realism utilizing this expansion board.

Now strap on your cowboy boots and check out the audio demos below to see what this expansion board can do.


Roland SR-JV80-17 Country Collection audio demos


Stream all mp3 examples below

Patch name with audio demo My comments
001 Banjo Phrs Super cool, happy banjo phrases
002 Guitar Phrs1 Excellent Telecaster phrases
006 PdlStl Phrs Very nice pedal steel guitar phrases
007 FiddleFXmenu The violinist warming up before playing
011 Ac.Guitars Beautiful, full sounding acoustic
014 Countryside Intimate acoustic, a la John Denver
017 Real AcGtr 1 Expressive acoustic guitar
038 12 Strings Typical 12-string guitar
045 ResonatorGt4 Classic resonator aka dobro guitar
053 Reso.Guitar3 Another nice sounding resonator guitar
057 Banjo 3 Realistic and fun to play fast on the keyboard
059 Deliverance1 Takes inspiration from the classic "dueling banjo" scene in the famous '70s movie
067 Dyno Mandoln Nice mandolin
074 MandolnTrm 1 Version with tremolo technique
090 Circle Pick Spacey sound fx
091 Bouzouki 3 The classic Greek instrument
097 Le G String Nice effects.
099 Tele Frnt PU Quintessential country instrument - a Fender Telecaster set at the front pickup.
100 Tele Rear PU The other way to play the Tele, with the rear pickup.
108 Peaks Gtr Typical tremolo electric guitar
114 Dyna Strat Superbly expressive Fender Stratocaster electric guitar
119 Crying jazz Very nice jazz electric
124 My 335 No.1 The very famous Gibson ES-335 semi-hollow body electric guitar, a staple for many genres
140 Mute Pop Gtr Typical country-western/rockabilly patch
151 Pure Steel Steel guitar
164 PdlStl Vel 1 with pedals
176 6Strings Bs2 Metallic six-string bass
180 Picked Bass1 Ok
185 CmpFingerBs1 Fingered bass through compressor
201 Washtub Bass Extremely cool sounding!
205 Fiddle Duo Realistic and very playable
226 CountryHarp1 Campfire
234 Squeeze Box1 Nice button accordion
247 CntryBallad1 Modern country sounds
253 CountryDrum1 Awesome drum kit, muffled a bit, typically country
254 CountryDrum2 More modern variation
001 CountrySet 1 with some fx
006 CntryOldySet Classic recording style
007 CntryPopSet1 Nice



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