SR-JV80-18 World Collection Latin
Expansion board

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  Red hot!  This is the SR-JV80-18 "World Collection Latin" expansion board - or for short, the Latin card - a comprehensive offering of many of the instruments used in Latin American musical genres, including salsa, mariachi, cumbia, merengue etc.

Since this is a dedicated board, the quality of the instruments is extremely good - the trumpet sounds in particular being very realistic.

The percussion sounds are full and punchy, and the numerous loops on board are authentic and well programmed.

Perfect to add that special spice to your projects.

Check out the audio demos below to see what you can do with this expansion board.


Roland SR-JV80-18 World Collection Latin audio demos


Stream all mp3 examples below

Patch name with audio demo My comments
001 96 SalsaMix Fantastic salsa loop on the left, percussion in the middle, vox fx on the right of the keyboard
004 96 CmbJamin Excellent cumbia beat with cool accordion split on the right
005 116 MarichMx Transport yourself to Mexico, or a 1960s far-west movie
007 100 JzLatino Succulent split with percussion loop/bass on the left, and a jazzy acoustic guitar on the right
015 104 Shk-Tmbl Cool combination loop of shaker and timbale
017 132 Agg-Btl Nice combo loop - agogo and bottle
020 120 Cxa-Tmbl Caixa and timbales
024 Pndr-Btl Pandeiro and bottle
025 120 MixedLp2 Nice mixed Latin percussion at 120bpm
032 120 CongaLp3 A solid conga pattern
038 120 TmblsLp2 Timbales magic
047 104 Bombo Lp Bombo loop
059 Voice Menu 1 Typical vocals
060 Voice Menu 2 More Latin vocals
061 Split This Cool! Bass on left, '60s brass blasts in the middle, trumpet on the right
062 SpaghetSplit Beautiful string-pad/vibrato trumpet suitable for Morricone-style
068 Sad Trumpet Yep
069 Mariachi Tp 1 Typical mariachi trumpet
081 Ltn Trumpets Trompetas
092 Trombone Alt :-)
105 Tp&Sax Sect2 A section of Latin brass
114 Muchas Brass Realistic and cool brass ensemble
129 Brass Chords Outstanding brass chords
135 Solo Tuba Can't do without a tuba :-)
138 LatinAltoSax Typical nasal tone of the sax played in Latin style
144 RequintoGt 3 Nice nylon guitar
154 Latin Nylon2 Expressive nylon guitar
168 Amigo Bass Superb acoustic bass
174 Guitarron Bs The big guitar
184 St.Accord Op Classic, warm accordion - open bellows
188 Accordion Cl Incredibly cool accordion, includes slight tacky tack of the keys - perfect
203 SalsaPiano 1 Typical salsa piano, bright
215 FilterPerc Wild fx
219 Slice Nice
228 BongoFury SFX
245 LatinPrc Vsw Very nice velocity-switch
256 Otro's Percs More percussion heaven
001 LatinSet1 Great sounds.
006 BrazilianPrc Samba, here we come.
007 Cuban Perc. Yes


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