SR-JV80-19 House Collection
Expansion board

  The last expansion board Roland produced for the JV/XP series, "House Collection" was a joint effort with famous German sample house Ueberschall.  The Roland board contains many of the samples found in Ueberschall's "HouseWorx!" sample CD - produced by producer Mousse T.

The sounds:  let me start by saying that Mousse T. definitely knows how to put together some patches and loops that groove tremendously.

The board opens with a long series of creative loops, all around 125BPM, of course a perfect tempo for the House genre.  After that, you are offered a series of beat menus, to put together and mix 'n' match different patterns and loops.  Then there's a very nice selection of dance pianos, organs, and plucked types of sounds.  All sampled very well, and some react nicely to aftertouch and mod wheel.

The bass section comes next:  bass is such an important component of House/Dance music, and you won't be disappointed:  from real, to synthesized, to 303 style, there are enough bass sounds to keep you busy.

A beautiful selection of pads comes next, followed by a comprehensive series of Special FX sounds.  Switch to MIDI channel 10, and you'll find eight excellent, super punchy drum kits, from House/Techno, to standard TR-X0X, to Hip-Hoppish.

Check out audio demos from this board here below.


Roland SR-JV80-19 House Collection audio demos in mp3


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Patch name with audio demo My comments
001 130-PlayBndr Powerful, pumping, typical House beat
004 125-PlayD4C4 Classy and mellow... velocity switch introduces guitar licks
007 125-ElevatMe Nice filter action on this loop
012 125-Floored Groovy...
017 125-DreamTm Classic Dream House pattern... piano on the right side of the keyboard to play melody.
023 125-GrvyBaby Deliciously '70s funky
026 125-DivaLoop Superb disco diva solo
037 125-TechHous Typical Techno House beat
038 125-M'sMouse Very nice Tribal House pattern
044 125-Beretta With nice disco strings on the right side of the keyboard to play the melody.
066 125-Itch Me Modern and intriguing Techno beat
070 125-Brzl2000 Excellent filtered percussion
078 PercLoopMENU Lots of great-sounding percussion loops
085 125-TicKyTac One of the cool vocal samples on the board
086 Sexy Filter Another vocal sample menu patch
095 Jazz Hands Jazzy sounds - a jazzy "one-finger chord" electric piano on the left, analog synth on right
099 90s Piano Classic, quintessential Korg M1 style '90s piano.
103 Smoky EP Beautiful Fender Rhodes with fx.
108 1keyjazz Nice ambient Rhodes electric piano sampled chords
110 Phase Clav 3 Clavinet through phaser
116 Transplant Great sounding Hammond organ
124 Deep Organ Organ variation, more modern and "synthy" (think Korg M1)
130 1FingerOrgan A technique superbly employed by House band "Deee-lite" in the early '90s... sample organ chords and play them with one finger on the keyboard.
136 Fat Bass v-s Very nice and expressive Fender Precision style bass, with velocity-switch slide.
143 80s Bass Typical biting analog bass.
148 NoBobNoHope Aggressive synth bass.
158 Pump Bass Different
161 Mode Bass I guess this takes inspiration from Depeche Mode's sound?
163 Aciiid Bass Classic TB-303 sound
167 DiscoVeloBow Typical late '70s marcato strings
171 Flow Motion Wonderful pad
172 Black Velvet Beautiful, psychedelic, relaxing motion pad
177 Toms Brass Happy brass stack
184 Dreamesque 2 Pure atmosphere
185 Cosmopolitan Fantastic, mesmerizing vox pad
186 Sweep Bells Nice filter opening/closing via aftertouch or mod wheel
189 2000 Pad Lots of reverb
192 Saturator Fat solo synth with portamento
195 Euro Remix Typical detuned Euro synth
203 1FingerSynth More 1-finger coolness
209 The Hornie Nice horn hits with delay
213 VoiceHit Digital vox hit
223 Ultra Chord Beautiful filtered hit
227 NYC Club Classy
230 Roxy's Ghost Scary special fx
235 Mind Games Great for intros
243 HPF Up Sweep Very nice High-Pass Filter job
244 Sekenzor Best when sequenced
255 Perc. MENU 1 Lots of nice percussion
001 HardHouseSet Cool
002 DeepHouseSet Groovy
003 House Set 1 Late '90s
005 RandomHsSet Nice vox samples employed as drum sounds
008 How Z Set Cool set good for a few different styles, including House, Reggae, and Hip-Hop



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