SR-JV80-98 Experience II

This is the second incarnation of the "Experience" series of Roland boards for the XP/JV series of synths.  It's kind of curious that it's called "98" (presumably from the year it was released), but comes after the first Experience board, which is called "99"...

This board features excellent sounds from several boards:  Pop, Orchestral, Piano, Vintage Synth, World, Super Sound Set, Keyboards of the '60s and '70s, Session, and Bass & Drums.

Roland SR-JV80-98 Experience II audio demos in .mp3


Stream all audio demos below:

Patch name Audio demo Source board My comments
01 *Dy.Rhodes 1   Patches 1-10 Piano Nicely prepared, crystal "dyno-my-piano" type Rhodes.
02 *VP330/TrnFl   Vintage Awesome staples in music: Mellotron and VP-330
03 *JpnPrcMinMN   World Great ethnic vibe.
04 *Velo Power   Session Rock hard.
05 *Grunge 1 85   Bass&Drums Superb, mega-compressed hard rock loop.
06 *Brass Fall   Super Sound Cool brass fall.
07 *SlyFamily B   '60s&'70s Awesome Hammond.
08 *Juno Rave 1   New Mega powerful synth.
09 *BigStrings1   New Beautiful and sad ensemble.
10 *Limonaire   Vintage Unique sound.
11  VeloBagpipes   Patches 11-20 World Very realistic.
12  Razor VCOs   Session Great analog synth stack, perfect for dance/techno/trance
13 *Pats GR-300   Vintage Pat Metheny's Roland guitar synth.
14 *Stepflanger   Session Beautiful and classy moving synth ensemble.
15  On the move   Session Yet again another killer techno synth, with great filter action.
16 *Harp m7Scrl   Super Sound Perfect for New Age.
17 *Sweep Phase   New Heavily phased synth.
18  Kong   Pop "Kool" and unique
19 *Raw PWM   Session Very good and analog sounding.
20 *CombingSlow   Session Trance-inducing phased synth strings, very Tangerine Dream "kosmik"!
21  Pro-5 Brass   Patches 21-30 Vintage Cool brass setup from the notorious Prophet.
22 *B3 pwrOnOff   '60s&'70s Exactly what you get if you turn the Hammond on and off!!!
23 *Dy.Rhodes 2   Piano Sparkly beauty.
24 *Phse Rhodes   New Nice!
25 *Juno Harpsi   Session Analog harpsichord, nice.
26 *AnalogChime   Vintage Excellent old-style analog chimes.
27  So VeryBS&t   '60s&'70s Powerful organ.
28 *RR B3   '60s&'70s Yeper!
29 *Organ Pad   New Very nice atmosphere organ pad.
30  PhazedOrgan   Session Ok
31  2600 ClkOrg   Patches 31-40 Vintage Charming analog organ from the ARP 2600
32 *Systm700Bs   Vintage Da bass!!!
33  HousineBass   Vintage Housy and mellow but powerful.
34 *Pumpin' Bs   Session Feel the PUMP!
35 *Classic Bs   Vintage Classic '80s synth bass!
36 *Spike Bs   Vintage More 80s classic bass.
37 *Reso Bs   Vintage I just love synth bass!
38 *ResoSaw Bs   New Great and modern sounding.
39 *BigString2   Vintage Phenomenally beautiful, tear jerking lush string pad!!!
40 *FullOrch.1   Orchestral Full Orchestral setup, quite good.
41 *FullOrch.2   Patches 41-50 Orchestral Variation of the sound above.
42 *Orc Sect   New   Nice, smooth strings.
43 *FullOrch.3   Orchestral Variation of the orchestral setups above.
44 *GiantStrngs   Session Nice full strings.
45 *SYNBRAKUN   Pop Cool and huge synthesizer analog brass.
46 *Analog Brs   Pop Very analog.
47  ClassicLead   Pop Expressive mono lead.
48 *PromarsLead   Vintage The ProMars was an early Roland synth.
49 *WagnerianLd   Vintage Powerful, expressive solo synth.
50 *SoloMonoFXM   Pop Awesome patch, the modulation wheel engages FXM.
51 *Telstar   Patches 51-60 Vintage Spot-on recreation of the classic "Telstar" Clavioline!
52  Micro MG   Vintage Synthesized bass beauty.
53 *Cubic Lead   Pop Great reproduction of the 808-State Cubic lead.
54 *700 Lead 1   New Roland's own System 700 mega synth.
55 *700 Lead 2   New Variation of the above.
56 *70sSinusolo   Vintage Cool, mellow solo synth.
57 *800 Lead   New Another Roland synth.
58 *Juno Rave 2   New The Junos are good for rave ;-)
59  Slobbery Bs   Session Very slobbery.
60  Euro RaveBs   Session Typical, powerful euro synth.
61 *Tech NoBase   Patches 61-70 Session Great synth bass.
62  Manic Bs   Session Techno!
63 *Tekno Juno   Session More techno
64 *Slop-o-rama   Session Nice and expressive.
65 *Isn'tPretty   Session YES it is!  Awesome for electronica.
66 *Buzzzzzzzzz   Session Cool thin reso synth.
67 *Trance VoX   Session Typical techno.
68  Alchemy   Session Very, very nice pad.
69  Converge   New Nice
70 *Phazeslopad   Session Beautiful phased strings.
71 *DCO Sweeper   Patches 71-80 Session Cool!
72 *Big Vectors   Session BEAUTY!
73 *StackStngs   New Thick, powerful and analogish.
74 *Majesty Pad   Vintage Very majestic.
75 *OB Soft Pad   Vintage FANTASTIC, beautiful soft pad!!!
76 *OB ThickPad   Vintage Variation of the above.
77 *Pad It!   Pop Ok pad.
78 *Build-UpSyn   Session Crescendo synth.
79 *JP+OBStrngs   Vintage Superb amalgam of Jupiter and OB strings.
80 *LamenTron   '60s&'70s Sad, dramatic Mellotron strings.
81  SwimmingBee   Patches 81-90 '60s&'70s Underwater Hammond
82 *Prologue   Vintage Cool little preset.
83 *JX3PPolaris   Vintage From the JX-3P preset.
84  Sweep Stack   Session Excellent, full bodied string pad
85 *Poly Swell   Session Ok, nice.
86 *Meow 5ths   Session There's a cat stuck in this synth!
87 *Jet Stack   Session Mega phased synth.
88 *Nothing Air   Super Sound Cool for fusion and new age.
89  Grove 1   Super Sound Awesome for ambient, new age.
90 *SpikedCheez   Session Groovy spiky synth.
91 *GlassyCheez   Patches 91-100 Session More spikeness.
92  Arpeggiatoi   Session Ok
93 *Poly Synth   Pop Full.
94 *Echo Juno   Session Useful echoed synth reso.
95 *Big MessPad   Session Certainly big!
96 *DanceStack   Session Nice and actual sound.
97 *SH-1000MIDI   Vintage Yet another great old Roland synth.
98 *Bagpipes   New Scotland
99 *Harp m7   Super Sound Beautiful sample.
100*Grunge 2 85   Bass&Drums Groovy!



An "*" (asterisk) indicates that the sound is slightly different from that on
the other Expansion Boards on the market.

Waveforms:      Board:
01 *Sync Sweep     Pop
02  Kong      Pop
03 *Full Orch.     Orchestral
04 *Rhodes 6A p    Piano
05  GR-300 Saw 2   Vintage
06  OB Saw 1A      Vintage
07  MG Saw 2      Vintage
08  KG700 Saw      Vintage
09  KG800 Lead     Vintage
10  SH-1000 Puls   Vintage
11  2600 Sine      Vintage
12 *OB Str 2A      Vintage
13 *VPChr/TrnFl    Vintage
14 *JpnPrc Menu    World
15  Bagpipes 1     World
16  Bagpipes 4     World
17  Brass Fall     Super Sound
18  Harp m7 Up     Super Sound
19  Harp m7 Lp     Super Sound  
20 *B3 2 A        '60s&'70s
21  B3 2 FL A      '60s&'70s
22  B3 Click   '60s&'70s
23 *D.MuteGt p     Session
24 *D.MuteGt mp    Session
25 *D.MuteGt mf    Session
26  Juno Rave A    Session
27  AL Grunge 85   Bass&Drums


And here's an extra audio example of the presets on this board that I prepared some time ago for a thread on

SR-JV80-98 Experience_II_sound_examples

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