SRX-03 Studio SRX
Expansion board

  Here's the third installment in the SRX-series of Roland expansion boards.  "Studio SRX" came out in 2001 and offers a great selection of high-quality, very usable sounds for many different musical genres.

There are many new, great samples of acoustic, percussion, and synthesizer instruments, and they gel with each other very well.

Perfect for the Session musician, or for any musical genre.

The guitars in particular have been notably improved, and so have the brass instruments.

Check out audio demos from this board here below.


Roland SRX-03 Studio SRX audio demos in mp3


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Patch name with audio demo My comments
001 Y2K Plus One Very nice piano+strings set
002 Pastoral Sublime split, with acoustic guitar on the left, and atmospheric flute on the right
003 Majestic The king's trumpeters
004 Twin Strings New sampled guitars, with obligatory dynamic slide
005 Taxi EP Sweet, early '80s Rhodes
006 Peru Heights Very nice pan flute
007 String Cloud T h e   p e r f e c t   p a d
009 Mutes To Go Tasty trumpet with Harmon mute
010 HeavyMute-sw Groovy muted electric guitar
011 Wheel D-bar Standard Hammond with a few of the upper drawbars engaged
012 Kid's Glory Beautiful choir
015 RockAcoustic Cool rock 'n' roll piano
019 OctopusPiano Because it sounds like it's underwater, or inspired by the Beatles' "Octopus' Garden"?
024 Sens. EP Nice electric piano with tremolo
026 Still drumin Awesome steel drums
027 B3 Mod-Aft '60s type organ
033 Rolin'Fingrs Expressive guitar
035 Flamenco&Gtr Ole'!
044 335 Amp+Chrs Cool Gibson 335 guitar emulation, very Bluesy
046 Tremolo Gtr Stupendously hypnotic
050 Touch Solo Rhythm and Blues!
051 Fingr Tap'n The classic 1980s guitar technique :-)
053 6-Str Bass Clean and nice.
061 Octo Orch Full orchestra
063 FluteVibrato Extremely realistic.
078 Tape Flute Beautiful variation on the Mellotron flutes
080 Penny Tpt Cute trumpet
083 Trumps&Bones Vaudevillian
084 Bigger Brass Massive orchestral brass
090 VCOs and As Convincingly analog
091 MG Brass Moog brass?
092 Alto Sax Vel Nice, newly sampled contralto saxophone
093 Honky Tenor and a great, newly sampled tenor sax
094 Barely Bari finally, a newly sampled, excellent baritone sax
099 MonoLeads x2 Typical '90s digital/analog lead
101 Soft Jup' LD Classic Jupiter-8 soft lead
103 Night Blade Very nice synth
104 Velo OB Str Powerful Oberheim
108 Octa Poly 1 9 8 0s
110 Big & Gentle Marvelous.... marvelous analog string pad
112 3D MovingPad Nice evolving pad
114 St.ChldChoir Realistic boy choir
116 Swirly Mist Fairlightian
120 Dance Doos Cool.
121 Dance OB Powerful analog synth
123 On&On&On Yep
126 Swingtime Convincing 1940s set
127 Solar Winds Awesome special effect
128 Western :-)

Rhythm Kits

001 WideRock KIT Nice, realistic
002 WideJazz KIT Open, clear drum set
005 Studio 1 KIT Nicely dynamic
009 HipHop KIT Modern
012 Perc. MENU Great percussion


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