Studio Effects Processor

The Boss SX-700 is a 1-U rack multi-effect processor, capable of professional-grade effects.  If you like Boss' series of pedals, and Roland's RSS surround technology, you are going to like this product.

The "effectors" can be assigned to various algorithms, allowing the user to patch effects in any order - this module is definitely a tweaker's toy.

There's a harmonizer on-board, capable of adding up to four-part harmony to the incoming signal.

RSS (Roland Sound Space) is an effect taken from earlier Roland processors, that creates stereophonic sonic images in three-dimensional spaces.  It truly is a unique and great-sounding effect.


The SX-700 sounds good.  High quality effects in a compact 1-unit rack mount.

There is a fairly large backlit display, and dedicated EQ, MOD, DELAY, REVERB and RSS buttons, that you can easily turn on and off.  Full MIDI specification (in, out, thru) make this module easy to integrate in any setup.


BOSS SX-700 audio demos

Here below are some of the SX-700's factory presets.

I used a Generalmusic Equinox 61 with its internal effects turned off for the examples.  The signal is first heard dry, then thru the SX-700 at 50% fx.

Stream all mp3 examples below



Patch name with audio demo My comments
002 BELL REVERB A beautiful, spacey reverb
005 3D PHASE REV Superb phaser
009 LARGE HALL 2 Very realistic hall ambient!
010 PHASE CHORUS Sounds very '80s and great
014 ENSEMBLE REVERB Great, spacious and chorused reverb
017 FALLIN DOWN Yep :-)
021 SPIRAL Superb for movie soundtracks
026 HOPPING DELAY High-quality delays
028 PANNING DLY+REV Epic delays
033 CONCERT HALL Hyper realistic concert hall!
041 FAST CHURCH Incredible preset showcasing the Leslie effect
043 FAST CHURCHEESE Another outstanding fast Leslie effect
046 NLR PHASER Dreamy and beautiful
052 BLIZZARD Powerful and dramatic reverb across the stereo field
056 REBOUND DELAY Happy echoes
076 NIAGARA Deep in a cave...
077 MURMUR DELAY Fast delays
090 TRI LFO Symphonic, reminds of certain Yamaha effects of the 1980s.
092 OCT UP & DOWN Boing, boing, boing...
097 WATER dripping down
101 SHORT WAVE Fantastic, sensational echoed reverbs
102 QUAD DELAY Intersecting delays
114 WARM CORRIDOR Very realistic.
122 SORROW Makes you cry...
123 PANNER DELAY Excellent reverb trail
128 ROTARY & RSS Fantastic.


Boss SX-700 specifications


Year of release: 1995
Polyphony: n/a
Sound generation method: pcm
Preset memories 256 (128 user + 128 preset)
MIDI: in, out, thru
Sound expansion capabilities: no
Sequencer n/a
Arpeggiator n/a
Effects yes


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Boss SX-700 manuals

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