Stereo Syntorchestra
'70s multi-keyboard

Used (and still being used!!!) by great Klaus Schulze and Ashra Tempel, this is a keyboard that was in vogue during the classic Progressive genres of the '70s.  The piano sound is incredibly good (in an analog way), and so are the solo voices, especially with the addition of wha wha and portamento effects.


Farfisa Syntorchestra audio demos in mp3

I added a touch of reverb/echo from an Alesis Wedge


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Preset name with audio demo My comments
Poli\Trombone '70s comedy B-movie
Poli\Trumpet Torero!
Poli\Piano Beautiful tone!!! Incredible.
Poli\Viola Close enough
Mono\Tuba The deepest analog bass
Mono\Trombone Portamento time
Mono\Trumpet Realistic emulation!!!
Mono\Baritone Sax Deep elephant
Mono\Alto Sax Reminds me of some ARP sounds.. Pro DGX maybe?
Mono\Bass Flute Awesome and evocative
Mono\Flute Klaus
Mono\Piccolo Klaus II
Mono\Violin Pure analog
Mono\Alto Sax + wha wha + portamento Surprisingly good Moog sounds from this machine.
Mono\Bass Flute + portamento Thereminesque!!!
Mono\Piccolo + portamento Sci-Fi
Mono\Trumpet + wha wha Wha Wha + filter = '70s groovy
Mono\Tuba + wha wha Percussive Mooger
Mono\Violin + wha wha + portamento Mother Goose crying
Poli Trombone + Mono Baritone Sax Awesome detuned synth cacophony!
Poli Trumpet + Mono Trumpet Feel the power of the Syntorchestra!!!  Very Moog.
Poli Viola + Mono Piccolo Klaus Schulze style
Poli Viola + Mono Piccolo 2 Il Guardiano del Faro


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Farfisa Syntorchestra manual


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