Roland TR-505
Digital Drum Machine

Roland TR-505



Cool PCM-based drum machine from the mid 1980s


Roland TR-505 audio demos



A01 8 Beat Rock 1 Standard Rock beat
A02 8 Beat Rock 2 Rock variation
A03 8 Beat Rock 3 with cool bass drum pattern...
A04 8 Beat Rock 4 with rim shot...
A05 Disco Very cool electronic disco / house pattern
A06 Electric Pop Very cool Japanese-style pop pattern
A07 16 Beat Rock 1 Standard 16-beat pattern
A08 16 Beat Rock 2 variation...
A09 Fill In 2-4 1 Straight snare roll fill
A10 Fill In 2-4 2 Two roll snare fill
A11 Fill In 4-4 1 Cool standard descending snare-high tom-low tom-floor tom fill
A12 Break Open hat fill
A13 Fill In 4-4 2 Cool break
A14 Fill In 4-4 3 Busy snare fill
A15 Fill In 4-4 4 Groovy fill
A16 Fill In 4-4 5 Bass drum fill
B01 Shuffle 1 Classic beat in 12
B02 Shuffle 2 with ride cymbal
B03 Shuffle 3 dry version
B04 Shuffle 4 ride on fourths
B05 Shuffle 5 1/2 time
B06 Shuffle 6 1/2 time with open hat
B07 Shuffle 7 Laid back with ride
B08 4 Beat 1 Standard hi-hat pattern
B09 Fill In 4-4 1 Super classic snare-high tom-low tom-floor tom fill
B10 Fill In 4-4 2 variation
B11 Fill In 2-4 1 variation
B12 Fill In 4-4 3 cool variation
B13 Fill In 4-4 4 var
B14 Fill In 4-4 5 all snare var
B15 Fill In 4-4 6 var
B16 4 Beat 2 Ride cymbal driven jazz beat
C01 Rock Bossa 1 Great bossanova rhythm
C02 Rock Bossa 2 variation with more rim, and open hat
C03 Samba 1 Cool samba beat
C04 Samba 2 with timbales
C05 Reggae 1 Awesome reggae pattern
C06 Reggae 2 var with bass drum on the beginning of the beats
C07 Mambo Cool
C08 March Nice
C09 Bossanova 1 More like samba, and cool
C10 Bossanova 2 var
C11 Samba 3 We are in Brazil
C12 Samba Fill In We are in a street parade in Brazil
C13 Reggae Fill In 1 Cool and relaxed
C14 Reggae Fill In 2 var
C15 Waltz nice
C16 Waltz (Triplet) var



Roland TR-505 specifications


Year of release: 1986
Sound generation method: PCM
Preset memories  
MIDI: in, out
Sound expansion capabilities: no
Effects no


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Roland TR-505    Roland TR-505    Roland TR-505    Roland TR-505    Roland TR-505

Roland TR-505    Roland TR-505    Roland TR-505    Roland TR-505

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