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  The Yamaha TX81Z was a very popular synth module, due to the incredible amount of different sounds one can get from it - it's a very flexible synth, adapt to many different music styles.  It is a typical late '80s Yamaha FM, with powerful bass, cutting synths, and glassy electric pianos.  One particular sound this module is famous for:  "Lately Bass", which was used extensively during the mid 90s in a lot of rap, hip-hop and dance songs (i.e., on Madonna's "Vogue" ).  A similar bass sound is also found on the DX100, "Solid Bass".

Even though this is only a 4-Operator synth, the quality and versatility of this synth more than makes up for the missing 2 ops.  Worthy of notice is also the fact that you can control this module via breath controller (a few of the presets are already set up for this), adding even more expressivity to the sound.




Yamaha TX81Z audio demos in mp3


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Preset name with  demo My comments
A01  GrandPiano Great emulation for FM.
A04  HonkeyTonk Fun, well programmed.
A06  Fuzz Piano Deliciously fuzzy!
A10  HiTine81Z Classy and beautiful, the typical DX7-style FM electric piano.
A12  NewElectro Hypnotic, glassy electric piano.
A14  DynoWurlie Dynamic Wurlitzer electric piano.
A17  PercOrgan Standout organ - Even with only 4 operators, this module can produce excellent results.
A20  6 Tease Obviously "Sixties".  A Vox Continental type organ, typical of the 1960s.
A21  Farcheeza Play of words between Farfisa and cheesy.  Classic new wave Farfisa organ.
A28  LiteHarpsi Very nice classical harpsichord.
A30  Celeste Hollow, woody but also glassy celeste sound.
A32  Squeezebox Nice button accordion sound!
B01  Trumpet81Z This would sound even better with a breath controller.  Many sounds on the TX81Z can make good use of a BC, actually.
B02  Full Brass Solid, full digi/analog brass - typical FM
B05  FrenchHorn Quiet and soft.
B09  MelloTenor Mellow Tenor Sax.
B10  RaspAlto Raspy Alto Sax.
B13  Bassoon Incredibly realistic!
B20  SoloViolin Nice fiddle.
B24  Harp Well programmed and dreamy harp.
B31  PercFlute Interesting synth flute.
B32  BreathOrgn This would work as a synth pad for modern electronica styles.
C02  Guitar 1 Standard Stratocaster sound.
C09  ElecBass 1 Classic FM bass.
C11  SynFunkBas Very cool synthy bass.
C14  Jaco Bass A la Jaco Pastorius
C15  LatelyBass The most famous preset on board.
C17  StadiumSol Classic Minimoog style solo synth.
C21  WarmSquare Very '70s ELP.
C24  Jazz Flute Cool sound.
C28  GreatVibes Nice and tranquil.
C32  DigiAnnie Digital/Analog synth.
D01  BaadBreath OK choir sound.
D02  VocalNuts Curious vocal effect.
D06  BowedBell Wine glasses.
D07  WOW FM power.
D09  Spc Midiot Space MIDIot..
D10  Gurgle Great special FX in this bank.
D11  Hole in 1 Uncanny golfing experience.
D12  Birds Beautiful emulation.
D13  MalibuNite Waves crashing at night.
D14  Helicopter Nice.
D15  Flight Sim 1920's propeller airplane.
D17  Storm Wind More FM power.
D19  Racing Car Fun sound
D20  Whistling Nicely emulated.
D30  Hand Drum FM is great for percussive sounds.


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Yamaha TX81Z manual

Available at www.yamaha.com

Yamaha TX81Z features
  • Highly programmable;
  • light and portable;
  • classic FM tones.
Features at a glance
Year of release: 198_
Polyphony: 8-voice
Sound generation method: FM
Preset memories 128 ROM, 32 RAM
MIDI: in, out, thru
Sound expansion capabilities: no
Sequencer no
Arpeggiator no
Effects no
Touch sensitivity yes


  • Review in "Keyboard magazine" Janfebmarch 198___


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