Version 1

This is the original V-Synth, as it came out on the market in 2003.

The V-Synth was a breakthrough in synthesis, as it provided a flexible sound generation structure, using Roland's VariPhrase and COSM technologies to create new, amazing sounds, a high-quality effect section, and power real-time controls like the Time Trip Pad and the D Beam.  It also offered V-Link, that could control video equipment and sync to the synth's performance.

The V-Synth was well received and is considered a "synthesis machine" - like notable predecessors such as the Jupiter-8, the JD-800, and the JP-8000 - instead of a "ROMpler" like the XP/JV or the Fantom series.

Amazing, other-worldly sounds are easily achievable on this instrument, and it is possible to control, morph and twist the sound thanks to its many hands-on controls (plenty of knobs too).

The large touch screen makes it easy to navigate through the various menus and parameters.

A great, powerful synth that's already a classic.


Roland V-Synth Version 1 audio demos

Stream all audio demos below:


Patch name with audio demo My comments
001 MadOrchestra One of the most famous V-Synth patches
002 Harp Trek Showcasing the great V-Synth arpeggio function
003 Dusted Loop A different loop
004 MemoryMoke Fantastic analog polysynth!!! - Assumingly inspired by the Moog MemoryMoog?
005 Hyperballad Interesting, percussive, resonant loop
006 Heavy Drone Excellent, expressive solo synth lead
007 VoixBulgares Very nice, evolving female choir, reminiscent of the traditional "Bulgarian Voices" choirs
008 Voco Bass Nice filtered, vocoded bass
009 Phrase Lab Hypnotic, spacey percussive sequence
010 Quasimodo Interesting, vaguely Asian-sounding synth
011 Time Warper Nice loop, being mangled by Time Trip Pad (TTP) and D Beam
012 Poppy Day Another characteristic V-Synth patch
013 Jet Bass Superb Techno-House lead/bass/synth
014 Trip of Time Perfect for soundtrack work
015 NaNaNaHeyYaa Cool, bouncy percussion loop + vox + bass
016 Tardus Cool, disjointed pad
017 120LpMixMenu Excellent drum loops of different kinds
018 Pulsatronic Gorgeous, hypnotic arpeggio synth
019 Percolator Another cool arpeggio synth
020 LetThemPray Beautiful, hypnotic solo female vox - again, another signature V-Synth sound!
021 DblSweeper Fantastic resonant-filter pad, analog-sounding and powerful
022 Metalarnyx Typical D-50-style loops
023 TimeTripRun Nice Tribal-Techno loop
024 Nylon Floot Suave synth
025 GhostingGrit Nice evolving, gritty synth fx
026 TalkingSteps Good sequenced synth
027 Synapse 1 Superb percussion loop with strange synth
028 DBeam Slap Weird percussion loop
029 StormyFunkBs The Funk bass of the 1970s.
030 Look@MeEllie Characteristic sequenced vox
031 Earth Temple Awesome singing monks
032 Grity Groove Great distorted loop, reminds a bit of the band "Garbage"
033 ReversedTrek Yep
034 Wondervoice Another signature V-Synth vocal patch
035 LabyrinthArp Powerful and hypnotic brassy arpeggio
036 ARP Trance Digital arpeggiated loop
037 Sine Bell Special fx bells
038 Mekongscape Exquisite Asian-type instrument, with arpeggio
039 Bon Voyage Weird
040 Acetate arp Funky arpeggio synth
041 Little Fluff Different, intriguing synth
042 Big Fluff Sounds of the '80s
043 Chariosity Bouncy synth
044 Radar Arp Nice arpeggiated pluck synth
045 Tangy Speed Huge, VA-flavored synth arpeggio
046 Chorduroy Fat and happy synth
047 Synthetik Bouncy
048 Late Lounge Cool setup with a jumping organ and filtered echo
049 Tap Dance Yep
050 Dustbins Cool, fast drum loop - mangled via TTP and D Beam
051 Wet Balloon Curious amalgam of poppy sounds
052 AKAGANI Videogame gone bad
053 DanseSacrale Very weird.
054 InSaNe dJ Loop.
055 Maddening Lp Superb, evolving loop, with space alien voices and mechanical noises
056 MetalOnMetal Beautiful, spacious ambient pad, very modern-sounding
057 NaidinTirips Beautiful, intriguing ethnic sound fx, guttural and spacey, floating in space
058 Nemesis Moving machinery in the space ship's engine room
059 Metaluna Very nice 1950s U.F.O. fx
060 LoCo Pilot Digital, gritty, evolving fx pad
061 Fixed Star Another good space fx
062 Spectroscope Digital fx
063 Bird Island Gorgeous ambient pad, with sublime analog pad sound, and palm trees full of singing birds
064 To Space Space ship cruising
065 Snowflake Tomita'ish
066 TTripWhisper The good controls on the V-Synth
067 Galaxia Full fx
068 DBeamPsychic Weird motion fx
069 Glass House Crystalline
070 Psycho Yep!
071 GlassCluster Beautiful spacey loop
072 Decompose Perfect scary-movie pad!
073 V-aterphone More scary effects
074 La Magia Excellent inspiration for a wizard and witch movie
075 TT Creatures Run!
076 Gutter Shaku Different
077 Dive Bomber Cool inspiration from a WWII propeller airplane
078 ScottishMess Disjointed bagpipe
079 DA Converter Powerful synth bass sound
080 Sleeping Bs :-)
081 DBeam Insect Summer night on Mars
082 Alien Bubble Laughing androids
083 Talkbox Pepperoni??
084 Tetapaali Superb vocal fx
085 HappyCartoon Yep
086 Junker Pad Yes
087 RevrsPfWater Different sound design, folks
088 Fireworks percussive sound fx
089 Break it ! Missile!
090 Man-Machine Broken machinery
091 Break Down More broken machinery
092 Elektronoiz Nuclear reactor
093 e=mc^2 Spaceship jet engine
094 90FootSpikes Cool sound!!!
095 Broken HAL flies away
096 Voxette 2003 Awesome vocal sequence, typical V-Synth
097 Piston Pulse Another good vocal sequence
098 Talkn'Slicer Typical Trance-style sequence
099 Runners Typical 1970s s/h synth
100 Harmny2Chaos Weird but cool!
101 Baby Steps More vocal stepping goodness
102 Wavescanner Nice fx
103 SteproSwank Percussive digital berimbau like
104 Pluck-Morph Stupendous out-of-this-world sound!
105 Synapse 2 Typical dance sequence
106 In a Hurry The classic D-50 loop!!!
108 Tribal SBF Weird percussion
109 Bo'sides now Digital percussion
110 Side walk Rubber bands in space
111 SBSync'd Digital nice
112 Triple Wha Jimi Hendrix's broken guitar
113 Bowed Bells Nice bowl full of water
114 Reversed Mb Xylophone on Revox.  Broken tape, rewind.
115 Africalcool Same as above, with kalimba sound
116 Running Away The orchestral piano is crazy
117 Funky Guru :-)
118 Groovy-Doo ! Vox and percussion
119 Radon Rhythm Gaseous spaces
120 BitDown Beat Nice distorted and echoed loop
121 Traship-Hop Very distorted loop
122 XY&DB 4 Fun Super filtering fx
123 Hip Groove Happy drums
124 Micro Jazz in a tin can
125 Rubbadub Elastic madness
126 Alien Groove Oh yes.
127 Machine Seq The elastic V-Synth in action
128 XY Artefacts Ant colony on Saturn
129 LoopWaveMenu Solid beats
130 085LpMixMenu More fantastic loops
131 100LpMixMenu at 100bpm..
132 125LpMixMenu a bit faster
133 140LpMixMenu at Techno speed
134 Voxalist Expressive and different vocal lead
135 Formanteer's Vocoder-style choir
136 Idle Chatter More V-Synth VariPhrase magic
137 Thinband Vox Vox meets synth
138 Spongle Funky vocal patch
139 FmleVocalise Beautiful female vox, very expressive
140 MOOD SCAT Vowels and consonants a go go
141 Babylon Talk Android kids
142 TimeTripMonk Robot priest
143 AfricanCharm Outstanding chant
144 Virgo Phenomenal thereminesque vox
145 Hybrid Scat Oh yep.
146 Vocalese Vox and resonance
147 GizmoVox Hollow, digital vox
148 Vocalizing More beauty aahs
149 Overtones Very nice vector-like quality
150 Vocal Pad Stupendous analog pad, warm and spacious
151 Choir&Prayer In a small chapel...
152 Monestary Cool vocal fx
153 Choral Beam "Percussive" choir
154 Vox Dreams

Nice evolving vox

155 Glass Choir Beautiful digital choir, a bit a la D-50
156 Initiation Lots of crystals sprinkled on top of this pad
157 Tomorrow More crystals sprinkles and a warmer pad
158 Flotation The classic D-50 organ and other moving parts...
159 Twilight Ravishing, beautiful twinkly string pad... perfect for many musical genres
160 Glass Pad Leslie-like, twirly pad
161 FuzzyHeaven Gentle fuzz and lots of atmosphere
162 Padus Digital goodness
163 Filmy Synth Warm, moving string analog pad, very nice
164 Fluty Pad Low bit-rate Mellotron style
165 Ringbearer Atmospheric
166 Smoothie Warm pad
167 Touchpad Pad Nice pad
168 Resonus Gentle resonant filter pad
169 SloSyncSweep Singing robot
170 BriteVektars More vector-style goodies
171 Brass Pad Twinkly pad
172 Tight Wire Ok
173 Eclipse Tight pad
174 Aurora Huge, twinkly super-pad
175 Ghost Solar winds
176 Tape Strings Classic Mellotron-type sound
177 VellatronStr More Mellotron emulations
178 Stringerz Strings with strong attack
180 Think Ployd Loopy string pad
181 Stringent Nice orchestral strings
182 DBeamFrmntVn A strangely hypnotic violin
183 GoodOldJive 1930s jazz
184 Euro Flute Good for sequencing
185 Vellatron Fl Classic Mellotron flutes
186 Tape Flute And even more Mellotron flutes
187 Soft Pan Flt Realistic pan flute
188 Wind Ctrler Nice oboe/clarinet patch
189 Drunk Alto Realistic saxophone program
189 Shakin'Str Exactly
190 ArpyClarinet Realistic clarinet program
191 Big Bamboo Expressive bamboo flute
192 Digier-V-doo The V-Synth's take on the famous Australian instrument, the didjeridoo
193 Feedback Osc Yep
194 Whoover The classic Techno lead synth, as found on the alpha-Juno/MKS-50 synths
195 Wave Ripper Huge synth
196 Sinkkasten Ripping lead synth!!
197 TopOfTheWrld Throaty lead synth
198 Think Lead Another super Minimoog-style lead synth
199 Feel no pain Disto lead
200 NastyLead Even more disto lead
201 Sine ahead Cool Progressive-style solo synth
202 Tea Bea Lead Inspired by the classic TB-303
203 Scratch Lead Funky
204 Brassy Lead More Minimoog goodness
205 Solo Square The classic square waveform lead
206 FragileVoice Modern solo synth
207 Shuu Lead Very nice Asian lead
208 Cla Lead Expressive clarinet type lead
209 Asian Lead Beautiful, expressive
210 ConstructBts Mechanics on Neptune
211 Pulsactive Solid evolving pad
212 Thick Sine Digi analog
213 Retro-Disco Very cool, retro '70s synth sound, perfect for groovin'
214 Greasy Comb More 1970s coolness
215 Hi-Lo Synth Spikey synth, powerful
216 V-Analog Awesome synth stack
217 Wavezituar Guttural weirdo
218 On the Edge Superb "chord accompaniment" synth
219 STALKER Very nice Moog'ish dancey sound, with excellent, slow filter cutoff
220 Legacy OK guitar-type sound
221 Phasorblade Nice phased digital sound
222 LiquidRubber Solid synth bass tone, that works as solo also.  Plenty of delay fx
223 Cutting Edge Weird LFOs
224 ElectricWah Ok
225 NOT Sync! but sounds like it
226 DigiHarp Very nice cross between a real and a synthesized harp
227 Winter night Beautiful tremolo synth
228 Krystal Bell Classic digital bells, very hypnotic
229 Remember D50 Inspired by the classic (and my favorite patch) preset 61 "Staccato Heaven" on the Roland D-50
230 FrmntSwpBell Intriguing, evolving synth pad
231 Steamwires A cross between a treated Harpsichord sound from the 1960s, and an analog synth
232 Enigmatics fx
233 Sympathizer Typical V-Synth sonic flavor
234 Kalimberd Nice woody synth
235 Piggy Picker Happy sound!
236 MidEastDrone Enchanting Middle-Eastern set
237 Gangescape Beautiful Indian set
238 Distant Land Resonant ethnic instrument
239 Ethno Synth OK
240 OTODAMA Nice dance synth
241 Buzzards Cool and curious percussion patch
242 Scale tuned Very nice Arabic style tuning
243 Clip Clop Sounds like a horse walking
244 Metal Pearls Great arpeggio fx
245 Coffee Break Cute sounds of pebbles being thrown in an unknown galaxy
246 Vudu Different
247 Dyna Dholak Nice dholak samples
248 Dyna Tabla Nice tabla samples
249 Kick Menu Slamming kick drums
250 Snr&Tom Menu Classic snare drum and tom tom sounds
251 Rave Cave Very cool House hook synth
252 11 Staccato ROMpler meets synth
253 HitSymphoniq Orchestral sample in hyperspace
254 Fire Bird Stupendous - more orchestral samples being mangled the V way
255 V-ocoder Bouncy
256 SpectraPiano Beautiful Ambient/New Age sonic landscape!!
257 AquaticPiano Fantastic Harold Budd/Brian Eno type of sound, with stream in the background
258 JD Piano Quintessential House piano of the early 1990s - percussive and bright.  Inspired by the Roland JD series' piano sound
259 MK-80 Rhodes Excellent Rhodes with tremolo - inspired by Roland/Rhodes' MK-80
260 Piano Warp Nice atmosphere sound
261 Vox Clavi Cool Clavinet sound with groovy, guttural wah-wah sound
262 Keywave Klav Totally 1970s :-)
263 FM V-Klav OK
264 V-Lo Klaver Tasty Clavinet
265 ClaviWahWah Realistic Clavinet through wah wah
266 Nylon Shapes Gorgeous acoustic guitar patch
267 OpticalOrgan Early tape-based organ sound
268 Prog Organ Classic overdriven Hammond of the 1970s Progressive Rock style
269 CathedrlPipe Yep
270 Wave Bass Excellent Moog bass
271 Voyager Base A nod to the Minimoog Voyager
272 Boogie Bs Classic 1970s Funk bass
273 Blackness Bs More synth bass
274 Mini$@#Right Cool vocoded/phased, rhythmic synth
275 Reso Atk Bs Killer synthesizer bass, with a lot of 'bite' and resonance
276 Dark Bass Yep...
277 Mini Me Another great Minimoog emulation
278 Dance Bs 1 Hollow syn bass
279 Dance Bs 2 Short decay syn bass
280 Kick Bass Low frequency bass
281 BassTryAfter Groovy bass
282 WShapeBass1 Reminds of the Chemical Brothers a bit
283 WShapeBass2 Fretless synth bass
284 Retro-Singer Excellent and weird opera female vox
285 DigiDharma Superb setup inspired by Bollywood
286 SpyCarGetawy Cool modern d 'n' b cinematic setup
287 Harem Dance Exquisite split with loop on the left and middle-eastern violin on the right



Roland V-Synth
Year of release: 2003
Polyphony: 24-voices
Sound generation method:

Analog Modeling, PCM / VariPhrase (Preset waveforms + Sampling waveforms), External Input

Preset memories 512 (287 presets)
MIDI: in, out, thru
Sound expansion capabilities: D-50 and Vocal cards, sampling
Sequencer no (V2 has Multi-Step modulator)
Arpeggiator yes
Effects yes
Velocity yes
Aftertouch yes


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Roland V-Synth manual

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www.roland.com Manufacturer site home page

Roland V-Synth Version 1 review with audio demo - August 16, 2008