Version 2

This is the V-Synth updated with Version 2 software

Version 2 brings new analog-modeled oscillators, a completely new set of patches, and expressive features such as Sound Shaper, Multi-Step Modulator, Rhythm Kit Screen and more.

A notable addition is the presence of the classic SuperSaw, typical of the JP-8000 and JP-8080, and a staple of Trance music.  SuperSaw generates multiple sawtooth waveforms in unison, to achieve a distinct sound often heard in electronic music.

Other improvements for the analog-modeled oscillators include the Polyphonic Feedback Oscillator for screaming sounds, and an X-mod (Cross Modulation) Oscillator for creating clangorous distorted timbres.


Other welcome additions include a Multi-Step Modulator, whic makes complex animated sound design easy.

Version 2 definitely brings the V-Synth to a new level.


Roland V-Synth Version 2 audio demos

Stream all audio demos below:



Patch name with audio demo My comments
001 Da 'V' Code Very cool "Gregorian chant" type patch that uses VariPhrase
002 Solar Circle Gorgeous analog string pad, with hypnotic background loop
003 Mystic Rap Nice, modern hip-hop beat
004 V-Screamer Quintessential VA solo synth
005 VA KIT Groovy, laidback shuffle rhythm
006 Arkestra Convincingly analog string pad
007 PhysicalBass Deep synth bass, with the Time Trip Pad acting on the excellent filter
008 Trippin' EP Hypnotic electric piano
009 Oriental Vox Beautiful example of the VariPhrase - a very expressive vocal solo
010 Arp Drops Stupendous arpeggiated synth
011 OceanOfSaws Magnificent string pad, showing off the SuperSaw oscillators
012 Mellow Winds Yep.   The D-Beam acts on the pitch
013 Outsider Ominous, dark loop
014 Tek-Brass Another SuperSaw fest
015 Touch Return Hypnotic and beautiful, glassy fx pad
016 Slow Motion Nice rhythm sequence
017 Meteor Very good fx
018 TB or not TB Superb TB-303 impersonation, using the modeled 303 filter on board.
019 Glass Organ Yes
020 JUNO Bass Nice emulation of the classic Roland Juno synthesizers
021 PushTheBeat Sample going through the Time Trip Pad
022 MadeInIndia Nice ethnic patch that resembles the Indian sitar
023 FbackOSC TT TT stands for the Time Trip Pad.
024 Electro KIT Classic analog percussion
025 V-Bamboozled Very good emulation of a bamboo flute, with lots of reverb and nice legato, monophonic mode.
026 D-yna-TUNED Huge synth
027 Solo Wah Saw Typical, expressive monosynth of the '70s
028 Voco Motion Superb VariPhrased vocoder patch.
029 Flare Star Very nice, relaxed, distant vocal pad
030 Sea of Bells Yah..
031 D&B Vibe KIT The arpeggiated rhythm at work
032 RhythmThroat Sweet, muted pad
033 Amster-jam Classic European, '90s sounds
034 Phoney Beat Cool beat with vocal sample
035 Nano FM NanoLoop drum loop modified via FM
036 PillyChepprs Beat and guitar loop similar to classic band Red Hot Chili Peppers
037 Cavin'Dance Nice sequence
038 Ze Inspektor Cool beat
039 Total Contrl Massive and involved loop
040 SnakeCharmer Typical Asian flute sound
041 PlutoLoop Modern, messy loop
042 TrashTripPad Very busy rhythm
043 MetalTekPhrs The TTP cleans it up.
044 BlownSpeaker I'm afraid so.
045 Cyklotronik Nice sequence
046 Ethno-Hypno Yep
047 ScratchDaPad Expressive, freezing the formant at the TTP
048 AnalogNuWave Totally early '80s Synth-Pop
049 Shibuyatron ??
050 MyChillout Digital, chilled rhythm
051 PurpleFunk Nice, sparkly funk bass, perhaps a la Prince?
052 Poppin'corn The classic Pop Corn song patch
053 Raverific Underground Rave material
054 Time Trippin Yes
055 FM Loop Spaced-out, trippy sequence
056 Art&Facts TT Different
057 ElectroEvils Excellent filtering action
058 Safarik Another distinctive V-Synth sequence
059 Random EPop Fast Electronic Pop
060 RobotHop C1 Robotic strut
061 ShreddedLoop Yes
062 TTPadMePleez to slow it down
063 MinorKeyR&B Lonely guitar loop
064 Put Dat Down A scratchy vinyl record, a guitar loop and an old organ
065 3Saw MG Bs Typical Moog bass.
066 M's Finest Moog's, that is.
067 Capital M More Moog for you.
068 Jungle Feeva Excellent Drum 'n Bass patch
069 Z-Bass Powerful!
070 Boot-Cebass Syn bass inspired by Bootsy Collins
071 Kick Bass Ok
072 Retrospectiv Nice retro-sounding synth bass
073 Bendy Mini Expressive Minimoog type sound
074 Poly Syn Bs Yep
075 Snappin'Key Deep
076 FeeltheBASS Deeper
077 Smooth Bass Happy bass
078 Oktafunk Oustanding, expressive synth bass - nails the analog tone of the '70s monosynths
079 Analog Bass Regular.
080 Zero Thyme Aggressive and detuned.
081 DoubleKickBs Modern sounding.
082 Short Bass Thick.
083 Solid Bass Cool, groovy synth bass
084 Mellow Bass Yep
085 Hardcore Bs Distinct bass
086 Hover Bass Classic "Hoover" bass, a la alpha-Juno's "What the"
087 TB Acid Bs Very aggressive TB-303
088 Funky Bass Dr. Groove is in
089 Low Box Nice
090 Alfa-D Bass Distinct
091 Bass Of Ace Rough and hollow
092 Wonder Bass Ok
093 Thoaty Bass Vocodery
094 Voco 'n Bass Raspy
095 First Bass Excellent arpeggiated Techno pattern
096 TB SqrDistBs Classic "Silver Box" acid pattern
097 TB SawDistBs Another nice 303 acid pattern
098 TB SawResoBs Rude synth pattern
099 Trippin' TB MEGA-SUPER-FANTASTIC TB-303 ACID LINE!!!!!!!  Both TT and D Beam open/close the outstanding emulated 303 filter
100 Pocket TB Ya
101 Radio 303 Distorted
102 Count To 303 Woody
103 FM-303 Yep
104 Arpstar Phenomenal Trance SuperSaw arpeggio pattern!
105 Helicious Evil'ish.
106 imPulze adbe Groovy
107 Sleep Well Beautiful, ravishing, arpeggiated synth pizzicato
108 Arponorov Ok
109 Hi-Lo Arp On the run
110 Yurpeen Fat dance
111 Solid Arps Yep
112 Satsumatic More arpeggio beauty
113 Magic Beams Cinematic.
114 Planet V Vocoded beauty.
115 MiamiGrooves Typical 1980s "Miami Vice" Jan Hammer type synth tones
116 Kiss my Axe Guitar synthetique
117 Cosmo Arp R A V E
118 Bob's Uncle Analog Moogs.
119 Overlord Cute.
120 Sequence Me Cool
121 Weightatcha Hefty.
122 Stepbystep Nice Step Modulator in action.
123 1FingerStrum Beautiful and hypnotic.
124 Prelude Classical happiness
125 Ruined World Cinematic vox
126 Sliced Vox Modern, "sliced" pattern
127 Shortcircuit Robots flying
128 Li'l Sequenz Jumpy jumpy
129 Jay Peg Curiously '70s'ish
130 SBF Chordarp Chord through Side Band Filter
131 TronicPulses Beautiful, evolving arpeggiated synth
132 Xylofrogbog Woody
133 Sinesyncer Elegant and synthy
134 Let me C 1-2 Very synthetic
135 Real Ease Smooth
136 Juniverse More Juno-inspired patches
137 Outthere Generously reverberated.
138 Frantic Ant Yep!
139 Ever Onward Analog jumpers
140 Werk in Prog Very expressive sequencer dreams
141 Daybreak Huge Euro-dance synth
142 Pin Head Another good arpeggio.
143 EP Phrase Dreamy
144 Shimmer Pad Nice sci-fi pad
145 Hypnotizer Happy pattern
146 5thPulsation Gorgeous police siren ambience.
147 Trigeminy Guttural sequence
148 Bananza ?
149 Cycle Delik Nice seq
150 2004 Steps Excellent filters.
151 Cosm1WidthMe Transparent and with lots of delay.
152 Step Trancer Cool Techno/Rave synth/pad
153 2002 Pulses Cool pattern
154 V-NRG Ok
155 Pat Rep Hypnotic pattern
156 E-Motions Gated nicely
157 Living Lead Ok lead
158 EnjoyContrls Great use of the TT Pad
159 Sync Twice Digital
160 Split Solo Soaring Mini
161 Humanoid Nice!
162 Flexi Lead Guitary
163 Bowed Lead VA lead
164 FutileFlange Distinctive lead sound
165 Freak Lead Nice distorted guitary lead with resonator emulation.
166 Noisey Lead Yep
167 SAWesome Ld Nice synth
168 Ab Und Zu Gritty aboriginal didgeridoo
169 Eastern Lead Yep
170 RESO Nz Lead Too much!
171 Virtualvolt Nice lead
172 A Leader Brassy lead
173 Nah Lead Expressive
174 Sweet Square 1970s Progressive-like
175 Rawsaw Definitely!
176 Wild on GR Inspired by Roland's own GR-series of guitar synths
177 101 Novamod Inspired by Roland's own SH-101 perhaps?
178 Solo of Old Nice 1970s Progressive style mono
179 Clicky Lead Yep
180 JP-8 Lead Inspired by Roland's own Jupiter-8
181 JP8000Whammy VA power.
182 SyncAboutIt Classic "The Cars" osc sync lead.
183 Dirty Feed Filthy!  :)
184 Mono GT Lead Guitar-inspired solo synth, very effective
185 Upset Solo !
186 =sin(alpha) Classic sine wave
187 MINI m The inimitable Minimoog
188 SH-101 SolOD Again, the classic 101
189 JP-8 Square More Jupiter-8 inspired
190 Ambi Lead Wide lead.
191 PortaMinimal Yep
192 I'mTheBoss Okay.
193 GR Lead More GR-series goodness.
194 Source Lead Inspired by the Moog Source, perhaps.
195 P5 Lead Inspired by the classic Sequential Circuits Prophet-5.
196 JP-8000 Solo Inspired by Roland's own JP-8000
197 Stingbuzzer Bzzzzzz....
198 Feck A Lead A bit "Goldfrappy"
199 CS Lead CS was a line of synths from Yamaha.
200 Raw'N Beasty Powerful
201 Hip2bSquare Uses the "LA Square" (the square from the D-50) waveform.
202 Stormy Mars Dirty...
203 Pro Tripper Smooth and mellow...
204 War Drone Stinger
205 Wormy Lead Piercing and cool!
206 Paddington Nice analog'ish string pad, with a cat in the background.
207 Ambient Hold Beautiful and glassy ambient pad
208 Lunar Space Wide yet inconspicuous
209 SuperSaw Pad M A R V E L O U S.  Marvelous.
210 Larger View Big pad
211 Beam Me Up Nice glassy, evolving sci-fi pad
212 Alias Pad Superb, digital, evolving pad
213 NuNRG Pad Classic club sound
214 OBlivion Very nice soft pad, inspired by Oberheim's OB series of synths
215 X-Mod Pad The cross modulation oscillator in action.
216 Hollow D-50 Inspired by my favorite synth, the D-50.
217 JP-8 SoftPad Typical Jupiter-8 string pad
218 Feedback Pad Yep
219 Jupe Beauty More Jupiter-8
220 Cyberia Very hypnotic and fascinating pad
221 SBF Sync Pad Powerful
222 5th Descend Digital goodness
223 OXY Pad BIG, big pad!
224 One-hand Pad Beautiful synth pad, with heavy phaser
225 Silverstring Full pad
226 AngelAwakens Expressive and suffered patch
227 Chorale Pad Nice paddy...
228 Fear Texture Oh yes.
229 Jupitor Magic Jupiter.  Very nice sounding.  The TTP opens that TVF (Time Variant) filter.  A lot.
230 Abyss Stupendous underwater sound fx pad.
231 Afterglow Ravishing anapad.
232 Harbinger A bit ethnic.
233 At Sea Lots of waves.
234 Flaw Analog Curiously digital-yet-analog sounding.
235 Dualism Cool.  Moving
236 D-50 Filterz Again a nod to the D-50 and the TVFs.
237 Glass Saw Beauty. Beauty.
238 Early Poly Very '80s synthpop!
239 Icy Pad Yes
240 Matrix Pad "Matrix" was one of Oberheim's synth lines.
241 PhattyStrngs Nice
242 Spacey Fizzz Ok
243 NothernLight Evolving
244 ReverseGtPad Yep...
245 Filter Cords Classic polysynth-type analog.
246 Big Str Pad Again, the inimitable SuperSaws.
247 Amnesiac Cool pad with the Stereo Pitch Shifter effect
248 SpangledGlss Majestic pad
249 JUNO Strings Classic Juno sound!
250 Saturn Rings Very nice sci-fi pad
251 MarcatoSynth Expressive string pad
252 Astronomy Ok
253 SH Strings Beautiful string pad with great-sounding digital phaser effect.
254 X-Rays Very resonant.
255 Supasweeper Phenomenal digi-ana pad with analog flanger
256 Morpheus Pad Solid SuperSaw-based ana pad
257 PG Surprise Nice voxy pad
258 Additive Pad Typical sparkly digi-pad, similar to sounds obtained with additive synthesis
259 BIG thin Pad More "big" than "thin"
260 Majestic Lovely, regal pad
261 EvilBubbles Nice voxy evolving pad
262 GlassPinbels STUPENDOUS glassy pad, with exquisite delay
263 Pad the Pad Beautiful analog pad that combines the SuperSaw osc with the PnoGliss pcm sample
264 Fear Radio Distorted fx pad
265 Arcadia More PnoGliss-based fx pads
266 Metal Wrap Cinematic fx
267 RingMeLator Scary pad
268 Wailing Pad Very effective, scary pad, optimal for horror movies
269 ModrnCluster Another good "scary movie" soundtrack patch
270 TouchThePad Gas
271 Scary Pad Absolutely
272 Spectre Evil machinery
273 Mad Times Excellent ambient fx pad
274 Space Comms Aliens talking to their mothership
275 Turntablez Scratchy scratch
276 TapeRewinder Yep.
277 Robot Brains Yes
278 Say It Again The TT pad freezing
279 1973 TimTrip Modular madness!
280 RingmodCntrl Nice swoosh fx
281 Holetone Zit Rising sci-fi fx
282 Ask4Weather Ok
283 SpookyWispaz Machine loops
284 Sci-fi Sweep Classic sci-fi UFO effect :-)
285 Planet OHM V-Synth goodness
286 Psychotic Perfect for thriller movie sequences
287 Time Passes Typical effect heard in movies to suggest the passage of time
288 Energy Moves Predator!
289 V-Explosion Big one.
290 China E-Pno Electric Piano type sound, in 5ths
291 Electro P Nice Wurlitzer type electric piano
292 Wooly EP A cross between Wurli and Clavinet
293 Like Piano Atmospheric piano
294 Road2the70s Very sparkly Fender Rhodes electric piano
295 Coltish EP Lively electric piano
296 Voxy P Delightful electric piano, with tasteful delay
297 Hybrid P Yep
298 D50 Playgrnd Inspired, once again, by the classic D-50
299 Smartkid Pno Beautiful and moody
300 Vurly Happy e. piano
301 JX EPiano Inspired from Roland's own JX-series
302 Ambie EP With great tremolo.
303 Ballad EP Very useful '70s Rhodes.
304 Soft E Pno Mellow and nice
305 Tin E-Piano Hypnotic.
306 Vib E-Piano Ambient electric piano
307 E-Combo Wild e. piano
308 Clavilogue Nice synthetic Clavinet
309 Kla-V Typical 1970s Hohner Clavinet sound
310 Crispy Clean Synthy
311 Claviforma Another Clavinet variation
312 Funky P Gluey e. piano
313 Old Timer Cool "very old" Hammond organ with Leslie's speed controlled by the D Beam
314 Sticky Organ Lounge organ
315 Orgone Perfect for Reggae music
316 ProgBach Org Typical organ sound used in '70s Progressive groups
317 UndrWarranty "Broken" organ
318 JP-8 Organ Nice emulation of Jupiter-8 organ preset
319 Lite Organ Street organ
320 Bell Vox B E A U T I F U L   bell/vox pad, a staple of pop music
321 ReversedGlck Wonderful and hypnotic bell pad
322 AfrnMeetsAsia Intriguing cross between Asian and African sounds
323 Ring Hollow Nice fx
324 BellErastica Happy Christmas bells
325 Zero Gravity Distinguished bell fx pad
326 HarmonyBells Yep
327 Elfin Dance Outstanding rhythmic bell pad, great for soundtracks
328 Nylon Guitar Wonderful acoustic guitar with nylon strings, very expressive via TT pad and D Beam
329 Windy Nyle Marvelous ambient plucked sound
330 Lesly's Gtar Guitar-thru-Leslie emulation.
331 Cryin' Dist Mega-distorted and expressive electric guitar.
332 Howling Lead Wild guitar!
333 Grungitar Great for accompaniment!
334 Bass Desire Unobtrusive bass line
335 Get Fonky Super funky wah-wah guitar pattern
336 V-Wah Funk guitar
337 3o3 Hero Classic, distorted TB-303
338 Flange Floor Outstanding flanged Techno synth, perfect for many genres in electronic music
339 Polly Morph Nice poly pad
340 4-SQR PWM Powerful square waveform-based PWM pad
341 PG Dreamer Evolving and wild
342 PVV Digilog Digital
343 TTeknoise Curiously FM-like
344 Mushroom Tea Standard dance sounds
345 Sus4 Very powerful, detuned synth
346 Yucatan Nice Latin American flute
347 Zapata Honest reso-synth
348 LA Confident Solid synth
349 Clouds Above Nice, expressive vibrato synth
350 Megalon Super-cool SuperSaw + Saw patch that screams "Euro"
351 The Fazz or "The Fuzz"?
352 Members Only Typical out-of-tune synth
353 Aba-cap Classic sound inspired by Genesis' album (I think the keyboard used was the ARP Quadra?)
354 Space Age More two-osc detune
355 eVangelic Mega pad that sounds like a group of clouds in the sky
356 Thinner Yep.
357 Milky Way Charming digisynth
358 Funky Saw Realistic '70s Funky analog monosynth
359 Analog Sides Weird but good
360 Trip Me Excellent dance synth with the usual mega-fat SuperSaws.  TTP acts radically on the sound
361 Schweepa Full and digital
362 Magic Shower Cool synth with Band Pass Delay effect
363 Fat Squares Very 1980s synth
364 Angle Flute Delightful, expressive solo breathy flute
365 Trance Era Quintessential Trance sound
366 D-Stroyer Evil synth
367 Fantasma Elegant and mysterious synth sound
368 Raspberry Formant fun
369 Any club Classic Euro synth lead sound
370 Thick Brass Nice, chorused brass patch
371 V-angelized Expressive patch inspired to certain sounds used by Vangelis
372 Poly Comb Typically '80s pop patch
373 JP-8 Hollow Cool Jupiter-8 inspired patch, with sine and triangle waveforms.
374 Short Wire Nice dancey patch
375 Talkin Saw Another just great dance synth patch.
376 Slippery 4th Standard portamento
377 Minor Cuts Typical 1990s dance sound
378 Quackers H A P P Y   D U C K S   :-)
379 Latex Synth Synthetic goodness
380 Tiny Morpher Small synth
381 FlangoSquare 80s flanger action
382 JP8 Brass Classic Jupiter-8 inspired brass
383 Dreamy Sine Yep - dreamy.
384 Basic Diet OK
385 DreaminAgain Nightmare
386 Woollies Big and purely VA
387 ElektroChord Nice Techno patch
388 Cottonballs Soft and nice.
389 Triad Extremely '70s progressive patch
390 Europe Brass The very famous synthesizer line from "The Final Countdown", a la JX-8P
391 The Synbrass Oh yes.
392 PolePosition Formula 1.
393 Brass Pad Fantastic '80s synth pad... very analog sounding.
394 Punchy Brass Yeps.
395 Eat It Raw! The SuperSaws minus fx.
396 Dual Reso Very resonant.
397 SimplyBetter H U G E and beautiful (virtual) analog PAD!!!
398 Tinkle Pad Hypnotic and dreamy swirly pad
399 Frozen Space Beautiful, hypnotic digital pad
400 Horizons Nice
401 FeedIndiaBck Sitary
402 aAaaaaaaaahh Another impressive solo + choir patch
403 Electromonk The high priest is a robot!
404 V-Coder Sweet vocoded fx
405 Space Babble Alien babies
406 Vati kann! Priests praying at a certain place in Rome...
407 Riddle Vox Voxy
408 Tuvan Lows The famous throat singing
409 VP Choir Inspired by Roland's own classic vocoder, the VP line
410 VoicesOfAfar Very interesting vox patch, bathed in hypnotic stereo delay
411 Sanctuary Synthetic voxy pad
412 LetMePray Stupendous female vocal solo patch, extremely realistic and expressive
413 Last Call Ravishing vox pad, very cinematic
414 MachineChoir Digital choir, reminds of early samplers
415 V-Vox Innocent vox choir.
416 Road-Vox Good vox pad
417 Tuvox Cross between Tuvan and vox pad
418 WinterBreath Classic voxy pad
419 Numb Link Reminds of the Fairlight.
420 Ezeronomovoy More fun with the Latin Gregorian voice sample
421 MysticCircle Very nice chopped vox
422 Otto Tune Curiously Techno
423 DigiAaaah Digital, cold choir.  A la Yamaha DX7
424 Space Gas Yep.
425 AndroidChoir Pretty robotic vocals.
426 Indian Trip Cool.
427 Castratof Ok.
428 V-Choir Adds the V-Synth flavor to a vox pad.
429 WheresDaLoop Nice didgeridoo
430 HighlandLead Monophonic bagpipe sound.  Authentic sounding.
431 Mekong River Stupendous Asian-type plucked instrument
432 V-Dulcimer Hypnotic dulcimer.
433 Acidoo Strange didgeridoo
434 Breathy Flte In a large hall.
435 Shakuspear Wild shakuhachi.
436 Strawberries A take on the classic Mellotron flute sound, famously used by the Beatles in "Strawberry Fields Forever".
437 First Fiddle Okay.
438 Holy Oboe Good-sounding oboe
439 Alto Sax Very good and realistic saxophone!
440 Glory Woodz Split with good-sounding reed instruments
441 V-trumpeter A bit synthy but expressive.  The D Beam triggers the "elephant style" pitch bends
442 ShakingBrass Mexican feel.
443 Mellow Stabs Yep.
444 Cuttin Stabs Realistic brass
445 Modular KIT Very cool drum setup, inspired by sounds one can achieve with an analog, modular synthesizer.
446 Analogic KIT More analog goodness.
447 RhythmAceKIT The Rhythm Ace was one of Roland's first drum machines
448 V-lectricKIT Cool beat and sounds.
449 PhuturFunKIT Inspired by early '80s Electro
450 DaHouse KIT Classic House TR-909 sounds
451 ExtraDanzKIT Superb Euro sounds and beat
452 Hybrid KIT Different
453 Hip KIT Classic Hip-Hop sounds
454 BigSmack KIT Mega-distorted bass drum; also useful for Gabba
455 LiteBreakKIT Light, but useful
456 HardHouseKIT Underground dancey
457 Stretch KIT Cool to morph via TTP and D Beam.
458 Scratchy KIT Modern-sounding
459 NuHouse KIT Minimal Housey
460 LoFiSynthKIT Yep
461 FM KIT Sounds one can obtain via FM synthesis
462 nuTR KIT Variation on the Roland TR-series drum machines
463 V-hop KIT Solid hip-hip beat
464 Disco KIT Classic 1970s drum samples.
465 V-808 KIT The V-Synth's take on Roland's famous TR-808.
466 RnB Soul KIT Squiggly bass and solid drums.
467 HardBreakKIT Modern
468 Gangsta KIT Typical hip-hop sounds from a few years back
469 NuHip KIT Soft sounds
470 TechHouseKIT Early 2000s House drum sounds
471 Random KIT Yep
472 T-Rex KIT Cool drums
473 Glitch KIT Minimal
474 House KIT Very nice "Euphoric Trance" type drum kit
475 BreakBeatKIT Solid!
476 Radio KIT Interference!  Interference!
477 Frozen KIT Interesting, modern setup
478 Tronic KIT Very (elec)Tronic.
479 Voco KIT Classic drum loop through vocoder
480 Khatt KIT Kettles, pots and pans
481 NonLinearKIT Nice early drum machine feel.
482 Hi-Tech KIT Very modern.
483 Power KIT Rock drums, standard.
484 Lectro KIT Cool!
485 RandmNoizKIT Lots of strange noises.
486 Wild Man KIT Huge sounding drums
487 Standard KIT Yep
488 Ethnic KIT Great sounding tablas.
489 Filter Bank1 Here I'm using a Sequential Circuits Prophet-5 (Ver. 3.2) being modulated by the V-Synth's input/filters.
490 Filter Bank2 Same as above.
491 Filter Bank3 Same as above.
492 Filter Bank4 Same as above.
493 BreakWild Modern beat - but the Time Trip Pad can morph the sounds in very bizarre ways.
494 BreakWild 2 More TTP fun
495 BreakWild 3 Drum 'n Bass'y plus TTP fun
496 BreakWild 4 Minimal electronica and TTP
497 BreakWild 5 Glitchy
498 House&Ele Classic House beat being morphed
499 House&Ele 2 These are "skeleton" beats, lacking bass frequencies, that one can use to put on top of drum machines.
500 House&Ele 3 Another cool beat.
501 House&Ele 4 Simply add a 909 bass drum and you're set.
502 House&Ele 5 Here, add a 909 bd and open hat.
503 HiTech&Nz Glitchy madness
504 HiTech&Nz 2 More Glitch
505 HiTech&Nz 3 Hybrid Techno
506 HiTech&Nz 4 V-Synth flavored beats
507 HiTech&Nz 5 Crazy chopped vocal snippets
508 HipTronic Groovy beat and sounds
509 HipTronic 2 Nice and vocoded
510 HipTronic 3 OK
511 HipTronic 4 Totally robotic
512 HipTronic 5 Reggae meets Electro



Roland V-Synth
Year of release: 2003
Polyphony: 24-voices
Sound generation method:

Analog Modeling, PCM / VariPhrase (Preset waveforms + Sampling waveforms), External Input

Preset memories  
MIDI: in, out, thru
Sound expansion capabilities: D-50 and Vocal cards, sampling
Sequencer no (V2 has Multi-Step modulator)
Arpeggiator yes
Effects yes
Velocity yes
Aftertouch yes


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