Roland VC-1
 D-50 V-Card for V-Synth and VariOS

The Roland VC-1 is the faithful reproduction of the classic Roland D-50, in a convenient PCMCIA card form, to be used with Roland's V-Synth and VariOS.

Besides featuring all the original sound banks of the D-50, the Roland VC-1 also offers a new bank of 64 sounds, with a "modern" feel.

In the audio examples below, we look at the new bank of sounds.


Roland VC-1 audio demos

Patch audio demo My comments
11 Brass Tacks Very analog sounding, cool synth brass
12 A Bright Day Marvelous synth pad, perfect for many genres
13 Soft EPicenter Gentle and nice electric piano
14 Next Stop Nirvana Gorgeous, evolving, WaveStation-like synth pad
15 Pressure Dome Excellent programming acts on the filter via the aftertouch
16 Hard Whoover Classic Techno sound of the '90s
17 Digital Clavi Yep
18 Chasing Game Beautiful sound with the classic Roland "chase" effect
21 Stereo Rhodes Intimate electric piano
22 FM Rhodes The classic DX7 sound
23 Curly Wurly Nice Wurlitzer
24 End of the 7 Era Fantastic emulation of the DX7 II
25 Christmas Time Wonderful Christmas sound
26 Good Vibrations Beautiful L.A. bells
27 Fairy Ultra Nice bells
28 Thoughts Marvelous digi-pad, great follow-up to the classic D-50's "Afterthought"
31 Music Box Very realistic
32 Happy Toy Yeah
33 Space Harp The typical D-50 reverb algorhitms
34 Wonder Drops Great ambient sound
35 Pluck the Pad Yup
36 Long Dream Cool dance sound
37 Late 80s Stack Classic L.A. sounds
38 Gin Fizz A bit Fairlight-like
41 Perc Piper Happy sound
42 Space Rays Excellent sci-fi patch
43 Tandorri Bells Nice ambient pad
44 I saw the light Ravishing, classic D-50 pad sound
45 Future is Behind A great follow-up to the classic Future Pad sound of the D-50
46 Bow Street Runner Moving pad, cool
47 Tension Sheet Beautiful sci-fi digital pad, very cinematic.
48 D1080 Pad A take on Roland's own JV-1080, perhaps?
51 Atmostrings Classic D-50 sound
52 Waving Strings Gorgeous soundtrack strings
53 Organic Strings More beautiful soundtrack strings
54 Megatronic Big sound
55 PhotonPhasers Cool FX
56 Soft Whoover Variation on the patch 16
57 LA Supersaw Simple and cool.
58 Dance Choir Nice dance choir chord, very '90s
61 Rusty Voices Haunting and mysterious syn vox
62 Solo X Press Excellent solo synth
63 Daft Lead Cool lead in the vein of Daft Punk
64 Back 2 Mono Nice emulation of a classic monophonic analog synth
65 Mono Octabass Powerful syn bass
66 Gated FM bass Yep
67 Acid Bass The classic TB-303 sound
68 Rubber Bass Funny bass
71 Purr-Phunk Huge and super-cool synth bass patch.  Extremely F U N K Y
72 Atmo Bass More '90s ambient / dance beauty
73 Zawco Brass Classic Fusion synth horn sound, a la Zawinul
74 D-50 Syn Brass Classic D-50 semi-analogness
75 Ambient Hit Yup
76 12str Guitar Decent emulation
77 Darjiling Charming instrument.  A city in India
78 Realistic Flute The D Beam introduces vibrato
81 PiccoBello Nice piccolo flute mixed with something else.
82 Qatsi Organ Very nice
83 Sunken Cathedral Gorgeous sci-fi, soundtrack-like sound
84 Sorcerers Organ Cool
85 Voice of Elohim Outstanding sound design
86 Sun Safari Great vocalization patch
87 Musique Concrete Yes
88 Jurassic Breath Sleeping dinosaurs




Roland VC-1 specs
Year of release: 200_
Sound generation method:  
Preset memories  
Sound expansion capabilities:  
Aftertouch no


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Roland VC-1 review with audio demo - June 10, 2012