Vocal Bytes 2
audio sample CD


What's on the MIDI Mark Vocal Bytes 2 sample CD


Vocal Bytes 2 is an audio sample-CD, and the sequel to MIDI Mark's original Vocal Bytes.  MIDI Mark employed several talented singers, and the tracks lend themselves to different genres, although the general tendency is towards r'n'b, house and hip-hop styles.

This is a great-sounding sample CD from the classic, early 1990s House era, the recording quality is very good, and all the samples have been recorded dry, to allow the user to customize them with the use of effects.

The CD is organized in 61 tracks, as follows:


Track number Description short mp.3 excerpt Comments
1 Demo song demo track A great-sounding 8-min., thumping house song showcasing many of the great vocal samples contained in the CD.  The vocals are great, and I also love that M1 perc organ, Lately Bass, and house strings..
2-10 vocal samples taken from Patrick Alan track 7 excerpt R 'n B type vocals
11-17 vocal samples taken from Gennine Peirce track 16 excerpt House, pop vocals
18-25 vocal samples taken from Mr. D track 25 excerpt Hip-Hop / R 'n B style
26-28 vocal samples taken from Davina track 26 excerpt House-diva style
29-35 vocal samples taken from Ronn Williams track 34 excerpt More R 'n B style
36-41 vocal samples taken from Tanya L. Montgomery track 36 excerpt Wow, this girl can hold a note..
42-46 vocal samples taken from Diane Gordon track 43 excerpt perfect for House
47-48 vocal samples taken from Mark Trance track 47 excerpt These two tracks contain "trance-inducing" sounds.  Interesting are those that have been modulated by lfo etc.
49-50 vocal samples taken from Sweet Pussy Pauline track 49 excerpt This vocalist is pure character!  This CD is a must-buy just for these two tracks!
51-52 mcr effect track 51 excerpt microphone effects - using very cool lo-fi techniques
53-57 vocoder VP-330 track 53 excerpt tracks obtained using the Roland VP-330
58-61 talk box track 58 excerpt tracks obtained using a talk box


This is a valid addition to any composer's sonic arsenal.  The sounds are copyright free, and the producers only ask that the singer's name be credited in the liner notes of commercial music productions.  I absolutely love the fact that the samples are recorded dry - often times, producers go overboard with processing, limiting the way a vocal sample could be used.

I particularly enjoyed the Sweet Pussy Pauline samples, dripping with personality and fun, and the Davina samples, perfect for classic House tracks.  Also, the vocoder tracks are inspiring and useful.  If you produce House, R 'n B, and Hip-Hop, you can't go wrong with this CD, but even if you compose in different genres, you can definitely find useful snippets for your productions.