Novation XioSynth 25

Here's the Novation XioSynth 25, a mono-timbral, 8-voice polyphonic, 3-oscillator synth from British company Novation.  It is a compact, 25-key synthesizer.  There is also a 49-key version.

The sonic character of this little-but-big synthesizer is very modern.  It's got the typical 2000s, VA sound, and features 200 patches on-board, 60 of which were programmed by well-known artists and producers such as James Zabiela, Ferry Corsten, Rennie Pilgrem, Roots Manuva, Shimon, and Skeewiff.

This is a very aggressive, powerful synth - perfect for modern electronic styles like Trance, D n B, Electro House etc.  Its filters are excellent.

And besides the synth engine, the XioSynth works as an audio USB interface as well, allowing users to record via microphone and line inputs

The XioSynth features plenty of knobs for real-time editing of parameters, a large pitch/mod joystick, and a useful control pad (Xpression pad).  It comes with a variety of templates to be hooked up to standard sequencers/DAWs like Logic, Cubase, Sonar, Live etc.

A modern feature is the inclusion of a "Gator" (a sort of sequencer), a programming interface that allows to gate any patch with 16/32 - all synchronizable to an external sequencer - Trance heaven :-)

Another strong point is the compactness of this synth - it's very light (but sturdy), and can work off batteries.

Inside the box, we find software and samples, the "Xcite+ Pack": Ableton Live 6 (Create, Produce, Perform), 1Gig of loops and samples (exclusively compiled for Focusrite), membership (join the global dance community), Mike the drummer (500Mb drum loops and kit library), FXpansion's Guru (Drum loop creation software), FXpansion's BFD Ultralite (Premium acoustic drum module), Novation B-Station (Based on the Legendary Bass Station), Waldorf LE Edition (Classic Drum module, Filter and Synth), Arturia Analog Factory SE (An array of classic synth sounds)

Small, but packs a punch - check it out below...


Novation XioSynth 25 audio demos

Stream all audio demos below:


Program name with audio demo My comments
100 Big Bass Nice, solid Moog of the '70s
101 Little Old One Standard mono analog bass
102 Alls Square In VA character
103 Moosa Nice and digital utilitarian synth
104 Some Where Out Spooky, gelid synth background
105 Grapefruit Dream Fantastic, beautiful arpeggiated Trance synth, similar the company's earlier K-Station
106 A Bassive Supremely digital, cutting arpeggio syn bass
107 The Mellow One Warm, analogish soft pad, useful for many genres
108 Blade Stepper Great filters in action
109 They Well Grow Resonant rising filter, good
110 Bottom Feeder Modern, distorted electronic bass, heard in Electro House tracks of today (mid 2000s)
111 SEMe Bass Inspired by the SEM?
115 1/5s Arp Charming arpeggio with lots of delay
119 Sliding Nice sound fx
120 JZab NastyBass Nice, cutting bass program from James Zabiela
122 JZab troit Bass A (De?)troit Bass
123 JZab Square Bass He likes the bass.
126 JZab Bronze Beautiful program, introspective, trendy, perfect to be the centerpiece of a dance song
128 JZab Nice Pad Nice
130 Fery FuzzTriad The famous Ferry Corsten... nice, fuzzy, detuned synth
131 Fery MangoBass Modern bass sound
132 Fery Beefy LFOing
133 Fery LemonChick Slick, cutting synth line
136 Fery AcidPassArp Very nice, dark sequence with high-pass filter
138 Fery Aurian Different pad.
140 RenP Bigfoot Rennie Pilgrem's cool, distorted electronica
141 RenP Amp Bass Aggressive synth bass
142 RenP Diatribe He likes it detuned.
148 RenP Rushcutter Nice, fat dance synth
149 RenP Rip Up it goes!
150 Skwf Throaty Skeewiff's fat sound.
151 Skwf Sweepitup Very '80s analog.
155 Skwf Butcher Works.
158 Skwf Skankhead Nice reggae organ.
160 Shim Mod Wheely Shimon's interpretation.
161 Shim Shim Bass Dancey bass/lead
163 Shim Lokey Bass Hands in the air
165 Shim EastisEast Curiously '80s a bit.
170 Roots Wingart Roots Manuva's sounds
172 Roots SnapBass Solid bass.
173 Roots Gabriel More LFOs.
174 Roots Stringoo Nice analog strings.
181 DropTheP 1990s Techno lead
183 80 Pad1(wMod) Neutral pad
185 Raymondsynth Cool arpeggio patch, with plenty of reverb
187 StolenFork :-)
189 Superfoghorn :-D
191 Pluck Pad Very mid-90s, a la 808-State
192 Maroder A hint to Giorgio Moroder
193 Wired X-Gator Superb gated-synth, very modern and Trancey
194 Pad Gator Yep
196 Mars Gator Danceable gator.
200 Angry Bass Oh yes.
203 Detroit Bass Ok
204 DnB Bandpass Bas yes
208 Eighty Typical 1980s synth bass, a bit a la DX7
215 Moog R Us Captures the feel of the analog king.
219 Old Funk Bass 1970s Funkiness
220 ProOnes Inspired by the Sequential Circuits instrument?
226 X-Bass Very cool, modern synth bass, digital but powerful.
228 Action T R A N C E    C I T Y
234 Eastern Promise Intriguing.
236 Freakin Cool, rave tunes
241 Legato Lead Electro and Soundtracks
244 Mario MDMA Nice electronic variation of a video-game sound
246 Prophecy Lead Inspired from the Korg's homonymous instrument?
252 Spooked Ghosts!!!
257 Big Soft Pad Nice and large.
259 British Patch A bit vanilla, but useful
262 Euphonic Typical Trance synth, a bit a la SuperSaw
264 Long Pad S-H+AT Hypnotic, distant pad
265 Melancholy Stupendous digi-pad.  Missing the "bell sprinkles" from a ROMpler... ;-)
266 Quiet Pad Nice digital pad.
269 Symphonic Big, detuned, classy pad
271 Tape Strings Inspired by uncle Mel (lotron).
272 Thin Obie String Oberheim inspiration.
273 Twin Peaks Strng Sweet and saucy analog strings
274 And Again Arp Good.  Reminds of Darude's "Sandstorm".
275 Animation Happy dance.
276 Epic Arp British sounds.
278 Hazel Eye Great filters.
279 Simple Chord Arp Fantastic, echoed, arpeggiated goodness.
281 Aaaaahhhh :-0
282 Brain Washed MW Nice fx
287 Schrodingers Cat Superb sci fx
290 Take Off :-)
296 Gaba Kick & 303 Excellent combination - a Gabba distorted-TR-909 kick drum and a TB-303 impression.



Novation XioSynth 25
Year of release: 2005
Polyphony: 8-note
Sound generation method: VA
Preset memories 200
Sound expansion capabilities: no
Sequencer "Gator" pattern sequencer
Arpeggiator yes
Effects yes
Velocity yes
Aftertouch receives


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Novation XioSynth 25 review with audio demo - August 30, 2008