Sample CD set (2 audio CDs)

The sequel to the famous "X-Static Goldmine".  This sample CD set is important because it was the first to present the now common "Construction Kit" feature.  A construction kit is a track that contains all elements needed to create a song, from the drums to the bass, to the chords and embellishments.  All of this is headed by a brief demo to give you an example of what you can do with the samples.

XL1 continues where the X-Static Goldmine left off, offering more samples, up to date loops, and samples that weren't included in the original CDs.

From the CD cover:

"XL1 is a new concept - a brave attempt to make it easier for you to judge a sample's character, groove & feel by presenting them in unique "CONSTRUCTION KITS" as well as "the traditional way".  By giving you both these systems we believe you get a com[p]lete "Tool-Box" of Dance Samples plus freedom & flexibility to work the way that suits You the best."


Polestar Magnetics XL1 features

More than 500 loops, 60 Construction Kits, Jazz, Funk, Dub & Sub, Synthetic and Acid basses, Kicks, Snares & Percussion, Wah and ragga guitar, Piano, Hammond & Rhodes, Sax, Horn, Tekno chords, House pianos, dream pads, analog sweeps, atmospheric washes, bleeps and trance tones, 100's of vox & FX samples

EXTRA:  720 sampled & mapped sounds in Akai S1000/1100 & S3000 DAT-Back Up format.

Content of CDs

DISC 1 -  60 Construction Kits, Drum & Percussion, DAT Back-Up section

DISC 2  -  Hip Hop & Percussion Loops, Tekno & House Loops, Rolls & Breaks, Bass Synths & Techno Loops, Funky Stuff, Chords, Sweeps & Pads, Fx & Vox, DAT Back-Up Section 2

Polestar Magnetics XL1 audio examples in mp3:


Polestar Magnetics XL1 sample  -  A classic offering of Construction Kit + the samples used in it.



Valid sequel to the classic X-Static Goldmine.

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