Hip Hop (Z1)
Expansion card

From the back cover of the box:

"Look no further for the coolest collection of sounds for Hip-Hop, R&B, Swing, Jungle, Acid Jazz, House and other urban music styles...they're all right here on the new Alesis Hip-Hop Grooves & Instruments QCard.  You'll find a monster library of new sounds that include hundreds of power-packed drum fills, funky break-downs, fluid instrumental/vocal loops and slammin' grooves as well as individual samples for kick drums, snares, toms, smooth synth waves, basses and vocals.  There are eight megabytes of cutting-edge sounds to choose from, arranged in a format that's easy to access and use.

The Hip-Hop QCard also contains 128 new programs and 100 multitimbral mixes for your Alesis QS Series or QuadraSynth synthesizers.  These programs and mixes were carefully created to be great right out of the box, so all you have to do is turn on your synth, plug in the card...and start groovin'.

Alesis Hip Hop Q Card audio demos in mp3

Factory Demos:


1 - Kawa Kava - by Taiho Yamada

2 - Groovilicious Thunderbeat - by Taiho Yamada


Stream all the  examples below as an .m3u playlist

Individual Listening:


Patch name with audio demo My comments
00 SchoolYard Solid groove with excellent overdriven Rhodes sound
01 Sweat Liquid groove with fat analog synth
03 Freak Flag Excellent vibrato effect
08 Dub Lander Super cool patch, a mix between hip-hop and dub - excellently synchronized
15 Danger Tip Great laidback, jumpy groove with attitude.
17 Underworld Spaced out groove and synth
20 RockSteady Another excellent mix between hip-hop and reggae/dub!
22 Get Me Perfect for fast paced soundtrack scoring
25 Whup Up Vaguely oriental flavored synth on the right.
33 West Coast Typical West Coast genre
49 Stoned ...a lot
52 Traveler Makes your head bop
56 Smoker Cool rhythm/organ setup
61 Chronic 2 Incredible patch!  It has everything, from a drum kit, to loops, to a quintessential rap syn bass!
65 Jungle 3 Very, very nice!!!  Speed up hip-hop breaks and you get excellent drum 'n' bass/jungle foundation!!!
71 Style Kit Incredible drum kit, perfect for rap
77 Espy Kit Presumably sampled from E-mu super classic sampling drum machines SP-12 / 1200
78 DeeEmExKit Presumably sampled from Oberheim DMX classic drum machine
81 Squeaky Ld Classic hip hop lead
99 Fuzz Buzz Swirly reso synth
103 Rap Basser Mega-low sine bass
112 Ambience Excellent pad, very warm
122 Water Ep Perfect electric piano
127 Hard Organ Incredible patch - deliciously fuzzy organ, and very realistic Leslie effect.


Alesis Hip Hop Q Card pictures (click on thumbnails to enlarge)

Alesis Hip Hop Q Card manual (click icons to enlarge)



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