Sanctuary (Z3)
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From the back cover of the box:

Designed for the creation and performance of spiritual music for churches, musicians and composers, the Alesis Sanctuary QCard offers a huge variety of instrument, choral and special effect sounds for use with Alesis QS and Quadrasynth Series synthesizers.

The Sanctuary QCard was specifically created to inspire anyone who writes or performs sacred music.  You'll find a massive eight megabytes of 16-bit, 48kHz linear, master-quality samples that are used with state-of-the-art synthesizer voicing.  The samples include pipe, tonewheel and combo organs, crystal electric pianos, handbells, chimes, warm synthesizer pads, orchestral instruments, several different vocal and choral ensembles, special effects and much more.  These sounds are the building blocks for the programs and multitimbral mixes that are contained on this Sanctuary QCard.

This QCard offers a self-referencing design, making it 100% plug-and-play.  In other words, all you have to do is plug the card into your Alesis synthesizer's innovative PCMCIA card slot, and all the sounds, programs and mixes can be accessed immediately.

The Alesis Sanctuary QCard contains 128 Programs and 100 multitimbral Mixes.  Also included are two floppy disks for Macintosh™ and Windows computers™, each containing 256 additional Programs, 200 Mixes and the Alesis FreeLoader™ application."

Sanctuary Q Card audio demos in mp3

Factory Demos:


1 - O Holy Night - composed by Adolphe Adam - Arranged and performed by David Bryce

2 - Amen Selections - composed and arranged by John P. Lotze. Additional arrangement by Randy Lee


Stream all the  examples below as an .m3u playlist

Individual Listening:


Patch name with audio demo My comments
00 Sanctuary Incredibly beautiful, majestic, superlative... holy patch!
03 Glorious! Serious and proper
04 Bell Choir Beauty and the bell.
10 Principale Nice soft chapel pipe organ.
19 St. Paul's Majestic pipe organ.  Check out when the lower register comes in...
22 GospelMWhl Jolly gospel organ.  The mod wheel engages the Leslie.
34 Jerusalem Nice bell percussion.
38 Class Harp Classy harp.
43 Sweet Bell Uncannily realistic bells.
44 Tubular Clock tower
56 Celesteal Nice and moody.
68 ElecOrgPdl Awesome! An electric organ from the '60s with kicking pedals on the left.
69 PipeOrgPdl Classic and mega-powerful pipe organ with pedals on the left.
75 Star E Pno Lovely and cheerful.
80 Peaceful Sounds like a night in Nazareth.
104 Hummmm Great vocal patch.
107 Solo Voice With the limits of sampling, this is a nice solo vox.
108 Amen VelSw Incredible patch!!!  The velocity triggers the "aah" or the "men" phrase, making it very useful and playable.
112 Slow Ahhs Classy choir.  Very realistic in the higher female octave.
116 Gethsemane Crickets in that famous garden.
120 Storm The storm before...
124 The Flood ...the Noah's Ark.


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