Vintage Keyboards Q Card (Z4)
Expansion card


From the back cover of the box:

"The Alesis Vintage Keyboards QCard offers a collection of super-realistic sounds from the greatest keyboard instruments from the '60s, '70s and '80s.  This library of classic keyboards begins with a wide selection of authentic electric pianos.  You'll get everything from warm, natural suitcases to biting rock combos and smooth, rich electric grands.  Of course, we also added your favorite rock organ sounds, and included important details like key click, individual drawbars, rotating speaker effects, and even drawbar control from the front panel sliders.  Dozens of clavs, harpsichords, and combo organs are included in addition to a whole bank of mellow tape-driven string and choir sounds for your next psychedelic creation or progressive rock epic.  You'll even find some early digital samplers and shimmering FM synths for that '80s pop sound.

The Vintage Keyboards QCard's superior sonic quality comes from 16-bit, 48kHz linear, master-quality samples and state-of-the-art synthesizer voicing.  Its massive eight megabytes of sound ROM contain hundreds of carefully-recorded samples that are completely compatible with all Alesis QuadraSynth® and QS Series™ synthesizers.  Also included are two floppy disks for Macintosh™ and Windows computers™, each containing 256 additional Programs, 200 Mixes and the Alesis FreeLoader™ application."

Alesis Vintage Keyboards Q Card audio demos in mp3

Factory Demo:


Neuro Boogie - by Erik Norlander


Stream all the  examples below as an .m3u playlist

Individual Listening:


Patch name with audio demo My comments

01 Suitcase88

Classic Rhodes Suitcase 88, with contradistinctive tremolo.

02 Stage 73

Cool sounding Rhodes Stage 73 electric piano

08 VeloRoads1

Very realistic and expressive.

103 Om Knee

Great sound!  This obviously stands for "Omni", as in, the ARP Omni multikeyboard.

104 ArtSoLean1

Nice approximation of the ARP Solina, but the sound isn't quite there.

106 ArtQuartet

And this is a nice emulation of the ARP Quartet.

112 Crimsonish

Mellotron galore, a la King Crimson (noted progressive band).

12 Flanged EP

Sweet flanging action, courtesy of the excellent Alesis processor.

14 Doors Bass

Classic Rhodes Piano Bass, as used by Ray Manzarek in the Doors.

20 R Emmy P1

This obviously is an R.M.I. piano (Rocky Mountain Instruments).  Nice and mellow.

22 Elk-Uhh EP

Elka piano!  Nice.

24 Gabriel CP

Great version of the Yamaha CP-80 classic electric grand piano, as used by Peter Gabriel in Genesis.

40 ClasscClav

Classic, funky Hohner Clavinet.

54 Roxichord

Interesting and vintage sounding clavichord.

64 GreenOnion

Outstanding Hammond sound, with excellent Leslie effect!  Inspired by the sound of Booker T. & the MGs "Green Onions", a classic song.

68 SeaExThree

Incredibly beautiful Hammond sound!!!  This sounds really nice, especially the Leslie acceleration, and is inspired by the classic 70s organ by Korg, the "CX3" (that was recently remanufactured with a more modern slant).

74 Emo C

Classic Keith Emerson Hammond C-3 sound - pardon my sloppy playing...

80 In A Gadda

Nice combo organ as used in Iron Butterfly's classic "In a gadda da vida".

90 HiMelloStr

Spectacular Mellotron string patch!

92 Nova Choir

Probably a Novatron choir?

93 Tron Choir

Another great Mellotron instrument:  the classic choir, used in innumerable Progressive tracks.

96 StrawField

And finally the Mellotron flutes, used by the Beatles in their classic "Strawberry Fields Forever".


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