Latin (Z7)
Expansion card

The Alesis Latin card is a cool sounding card that brings new life to the QS line of synthesizers, and adds lots of new waveforms and patches that are useful, besides Latin music, for pop and rock, thanks to the variety of brass, bass, piano and keyboard sounds found in it.

The sound "families" contained in this board include:

Brass (Solo and Section), Winds, Bass, Piano, Guitar, Strings, Percussion and Percussion Kits, Vibraphones, Chromatic Percussion and Groove.  The Mixes contain split/layered setups of the single sounds, as well as Multitimbral arrangements .

From the back cover of the box:

"The Alesis Latin QCard offers you a whole world of vibrant sounds and rhythms, ranging from traditional instruments to contemporary textures.  Horns, guitars, percussion, strings, keyboards, accordions, vibes - you'll find them all here, presented with amazing authenticity, clarity, and impact.

The QCard's 128 programs and 100 mixes encompass a huge stylistic and cultural spectrum, including Tex-Mex, Tejano, Cumbias, Salsa, Merengue, Brazilian Samba, Afro-Caribbean, Quebraditas and classic Mariachi.  All programs employ 16-bit, 48kHz uncompressed digital samples for exceptional clarity, dynamics and detail.  This 8 megabyte QCARD offers 100% plug-and-play convenience for use with any expandable Alesis synthesizer.

Alesis Latin Q Card audio demos in mp3

Factory Demo:


Salsa Siete - by Boris Wiedenfeld. Additional arrangement by Randy Lee


Stream all the  examples below as an .m3u playlist

Individual Listening:


Patch name with audio demo My comments
00 SalsaBrass An excellent brass sample
02 Mtn Pipes Expressive Andes pipes
03 Ole! Incredible patch that intelligently combines a flamenco guitar with the sound of Spanish castanets and hand claps
05 SalsaPiano Superb rendition of the classic sparkly, cutting Salsa piano.
09 PanamaRed A cool, laidback loop and nice marimba.
109 Loops&Prc2 Great assortment of Latin American loops
111 Cha-Cha Standard cha-cha setup
112 Merenge Outstanding, realistic Merengue setup, with nice loops and breathy sax
123 Dub Samba Modern version of two unique musical genres.
16 Samba&Brs Excellent loops and brass patch.
23 MariachiTp Charming Mariachi trumpet.
33 Latin Sax Expressive saxophone
41 Nylon1&Efx Beautiful, sorrowful and super-expressive acoustic guitar, with the added bonus of finger taps and rolls!
75 LobosAccrd Lovely, melancholic and realistic accordion!


Alesis Latin Q Card pictures (click on thumbnails to enlarge)


Alesis Latin Q Card manual - click icons to enlarge.



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