Best of Analog - Andrew Schlesinger / New Age
 K2000 format program diskette

Kurzweil K2000 Best of Analog

The Kurzweil K2000 "Best of Analog" diskette was programmed by Andrew Schlesinger and offers a directory for Analog and one for New Age.

The "Analog" offering is particularly strong, with outstanding emulations of classic synthesizers.

The "New Age" folder is also quite charming, offering, among others, the classic Korg M1 "Lore" sample as the base of several well-crafted patches.

Check out some audio examples from this diskette:

<Here are a few demos from the diskettes in this set:



Program name with audio demo  My comments
ARP OMNI Sublime interpretation of the A.R.P. Omni synth strings.  The mod wheel adds a very tasteful, gorgeous vibrato.
BIG PWM 2 Big Pulse Width Modulation synth 
CHICK LICK Probably inspired by certain sounds used by Chick Corea in his 1980s "Elektrik" phase 
ELKA II Gorgeous analog polysynth, inspired by an Elka synth or string machine presumably. 
HOUSE BASS 4 Nice reso synth bass with lower and upper frequencies 
IN THE AIR A wink to Phil Collins' homonymous song's pad (I think it was a Prophet-5)
LATER EMERSON Black Moon period perhaps
MATRIX 12 HOUSE Cool Housey Oberheim Matrix 12 emulation 
MATRIX 12 REZ 5 Gorgeous reso synth in fifths 
MATRIX 12 Powerful Oberheim Matrix 12 impression.  The CS slider adds great expressivity to this patch 
MATRIX BIGBASSE3 More Oberheim goodness 
MEMORYMOOG 4 The classic "polyphonic Minimoog" in this interpretation 
Mini LEAD 1 Classic Minimoog solo sound 
Mini LEAD 2 variation... 
Mini LEAD 7 and another variation...
MOOGY BASS 2 The typical 3-osc bite of the Minimoog 
MOOGY BASS 6 Fat synth bass 
OB-8 1 Interpretation of the classic Oberheim OB-8 
OB-8 PAD Superb OB-8 style analog pad.. 
OBX BRAZ 2A And the OB-X's turn 
POLY 2600 1 Inspired by the ultra-classic A.R.P. 2600 
PROPHET 5 MELLO Low-pass filtered Prophet-5 
PROPHET DISCO Very cool, happy disco sound 
PROPHET FUZZ Classic bouncy analog tone 
PROPHETpulsbass2 Works for Electro House 
QUADRA 1 The intriguing A.R.P. Quadra 
QUADRA 2 More Quadra goodness 
QUADRA 3 and more beauty from the Quadra 
STRING MACHINE 1 Quintessential Solina 
UNIVOX PIANO 3 Typical early Univox electronic piano 
WAKEMAN 1 Rick's Mini 
WAKEMAN 2 Progressive standard sounds 
Bell Loop Classic 1990s ROMpler samples 
Decendance Korg M1's typical fare 
Laurres Dream The classic Korg M1 Lore sample 
Looper More
The Deep Stupendous, fx-rich ambient/new age pad




Kurzweil K2000 Best of Analog
Year of release: 199_
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Misc diskette for the K2x00 series




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Kurzweil K2000 Best of Analog review with audio demo - January 26, 2009