Korg DSS-1 Sound Library
 Korg Sample Library for the DSS-1 Sampling Synthesizer

Korg DSS-1 Sound Library pic

This is the original Korg sound library for their DSS-1 Sampling Synthesizer.

It is interesting to note how many of these original samples ended up in the ROM of very famous Korg synthesizers - especially the classic M1.

I think many of these samples still hold up very well - after many years.

I recorded a few examples from each diskette.  Each diskette has the capabilities of storing up to 128 sounds (four banks (A, B, C, D each containing 32 sounds)

The great thing is that all the new samples can be edited and modified via the internal VCF and VCA parameters - so the final result is often of very warm, analog character.

Many of these sounds are staples of the mid-late 1980s.

Every floppy also contained a few synth sounds from the DWGS-based synths like the DW-8000 ("DWGS synthesizer presets included in each system")


Korg DSS-1 Sound Library audio demos

Note: I used a Roland SRV-3030D for light reverb only, on all audio demos.  The delay/echo fx comes from the DSS-1 itself.




KSDU-001 Piano

Sound name with audio demo My comments

A01 G.Piano1

A respectable grand piano sound!  Very impressive, especially for 1987!

A06 G.Piano6

A more classical offering, with octaves stacked, in a "concert pianist" style

A07 G.Piano7

Very cool saloon piano!

B02 E.Piano2

Nice Rhodes electric piano, with the characteristic "bite" when pressing the keys harder

B04 E.Piano4

Very cool electric piano with filtering/wah effect!


KSDU-002 Brass

Sound name with audio demo My comments
A01 A.SAX 1 Not too bad Alto Sax, fairly realistic alto saxophone
A03 T.SAX 1 Realistic Tenor Sax, especially in the high registers
A05 SAX Ens1 a jazzy groove
B03 Brass 3 a nice brass section, with vibrato
B05 TP 1 Very nice trumpet patch, very jazzy
C03 BRASS 3 Very cool rising synth brass, with the nice DSS-1 effect 'Auto Bend"
C05 BRASS 5 Quintessential 1980s synth brass!
C06 EXHAUST1 Reminds of the effect at the beginning of Fluke's "Atom Bomb" from Risotto
D02 TROMBORN Sweet, expressive analog horn lead


KSDU-003 Strings & Choir

Sound name with audio demo My comments

A01 Strings1

Standard string ensemble

A04 Strings4

the flanging fx is courtesy of the DSS-1

A07 Violin 1

I don't think this is bad sample at all!

B01 Choir 1

Very well done standard mixed choir

B05 Choir 5

Cool android vocals


These are the 1980s!!!  Check out the wonderfully warm VCFs of the DSS-1


Very good, Fairlight-style voice sample


Very nice vox, with slight upward pitch-bend at the beginning


Remember these types of sounds? They were oh- so in vogue back then.


KSDU-004 Guitar & Bass

Sound name with audio demo My comments
A01 G.Guit 1 a very nice acoustic guitar with nylon strings, isn'it? I supposed "G." stands for "Gut" (strings)? Any ideas of what it stands for?
A06 G.Guit 6 Flamenco version
B01 W.Bass 1 Wood Bass 1 - Can you believe in 1986, some clever programmer already thought well to velocity-switch a contrabass string sound with the "smack" version of the same sample? Expressive..
B04 E.Bass 1 Electric Bass 1- and of course the classic velo-switch from picked to slapped bass...
C06 SynBASS4 Classic Eurodance-type bass
D01 Dis.GT 1 Distorted Guitar - This type of sound seemed popular back then, when hair-metal bands were all the rage...


KSDU-005 Japanese Inst

Sound name with audio demo My comments
A01 Koto 1 A beautiful instrument from the same country as Korg...
A06 Glisando this is a wonderful sample, is it not?
B03 Shaku 3 Not that sample (you know which one I'm talking about.. hint sledgehammer hint..) but this one sounds very authentic to me.
C11 Mix Hit Nice Japanese sounds


KSDU-006 Indian Inst

Sound name with audio demo My comments

A01 Sitar 1

samples a bit short, but it conveys the idea

A02 Rhythm 1

This is fun to play! Some good tabla samples in this patch.

A03 Tambora+

Very nice tambura

B05 Rhythm +

Tablas at cruise speed

C02 Rhythm 2

Groovy but steady rhythm


KSDU-007 Bass Groups

Sound name with audio demo My comments

A01 BassPizz

Low strings, pizzicato

A02 Harp

not too bad!

A05 Pizz

Higher strings, pizzicato

B01 WB&PF 1

Wood bass & piano - standard split for the piano-bar/lounge

B05 EB&Bras1

Cool Seinfeld slap bass and fat brass


KSDU-008 Pianos II

Sound name with audio demo My comments

A01 16'Piano

Piano in its lower octaves

B02 8' Piano

here's another root of another very famous sound... the famous Korg M1 House piano


KSDU-009 Electric Guitars 1 & 2

Sound name with audio demo My comments

A01 guitar 1

Clean 6-strings

A02 guitar 2

typical slightly chorused guitar of the 1980s

A05 guitar 5

the classic bluesy Stratocaster.

B01 guitar 1


B02 guitar 2

Quintessential '80s guitar sound


KSDU-010 Acoustic Guitar

Sound name with audio demo My comments

A01 Guitar

another good example of acoustic

A02 Guitar 2

Classical guitar, beautiful

A03 Mandolin

another root of another famous Korg M1 sound

B01 guitar 1

Wait, wait.. this sound still holds up nicely! After 20 years...


KSDU-011 Group & Orchestra Hits

Sound name with audio demo My comments
A01 Orch 1 the classic orchestral hits, very in fashion in the mid-1980s
A05 BandHit1 realistic brass hits and the classic "Yes" stab
B02 Orch -2 Loud orchestral stabs


KSDU-012 Brass Hits

Sound name with audio demo My comments
A01 BigBand1 very good jazz big band ensemble! It faithfully captures the 1940s atmosphere
A06 BigBand6 and here is the more relaxed, 1960s version
B04 Brass 4 More Big-Band goodness


KSDU-013 Combined Groups

Sound name with audio demo My comments
A01 Voices 1 Sweet digi-vox
A02 Voices 2 gorgeous choir that works also as a warm vox pad
A03 Choir another good choir.
A04 Karyn Inspired femal vox
A08 HA...... Envelopes Generators at work
B01 16'Piano Standard, very nice grand piano
B03 4' Piano piano that focuses on the top octaves
B08 MixPiano excellent jazz piano that works also for Latin, Cabaret, Ragtime, Broadway Show, Classical etc...
B12 Choir&Pn Very good, ambient piano with choirs
B32 Chime-Ah Soundtrack-type sound
C03 Choir-Vb reminds of certain sounds of the 1970s
C06 Vibes 1 Digi-vibraphone
C07 Bells Crispy and nice
D12 Gremlins remember the movie?


KSDU-014 Sound Effects

Sound name with audio demo My comments
A01 S.E.1 classic FX
A08 S.E.1 more
B01 S.E.1 some more
B08 S.E.1 more
D08 S.E.1 and more.


KSDU-015 Drums

Sound name with audio demo My comments
A01 Drum1-1 aaah.. the sound of early sampled drums...
B01 Drum2-1 With groovy gated-style fx
C01 Drum3-1 typical 1980s drums
D01 Drum1-1 Very nice side stick


KSDU-016 Latin Percussion

Sound name with audio demo My comments
A01 CON&AGG1 Conga & Agogo - these are still some good percussion samples!
A08 BON&MAR1 Bongos & Maracasa - these are cool too
A31 NOISE2 Cool zap effects
B01 TIM&SE 1 good timbales.
B15 Mix A percussive mix
B8 TR,W&B 1 Triangle, Woodblocks, & Bell


KSDU-017 Percussion

Sound name with audio demo My comments
A01 ChimeCym Chime, Cymbal - the DSS-1 goes up to 48kHz of sampling rate...
A05 ChimeCy5 Beautiful bell ensemble
A21 Samson 5 Happy tones
A30 Soreing2 Weird but nice
B01 PercKit1 Guiro, whistle, sleigh-bells, tambourine various percussion
C01 Kit2Tree more percussion...
C12 Kit2Trec Nicely subtle tuned percussion


KSDU-018 Strings

Sound name with audio demo My comments
A01 Pizz 1 More pizzicato strings
A05 StrgHit1 Cool sampled string runs
B01 Violin 1 Standard violin sound
B02 Violins2 Chamber ensemble
B08 GrpStr$$ Group Strings - gorgeous string ensemble, very warm
B10 Violas10 cool viola sound
C09 SectCh 9 Classy, wide string ensemble
D04 AnaSec 4 Analog Section
D32 POWER& $ big analog ensemble


KSDU-019 Voices

Sound name with audio demo My comments
A01 AirVox 1 beautiful ethereal Fairlight patch... a popular patch in the 1980s.
A03 AirVox 3 Happy Fairlight choir
A07 AirVox 7 a variation with the classic flanger effect of the '80s - obtained via the DDL lines onboard
A24 Tomager Strange synth
B01 Ah&Ou 1 Nice "vintage samples"
C01 GrpVox 1 Group Vox
D01 XLGGrp 1 Extra-Large Group!
D03 UH OH 3 classic humanoid voice
D08 UH OH 8 typical sampled vox of the '80s


KSDU-020 Brass

Sound name with audio demo My comments
A01 French01 classical French Horns
A23 Shorty Reminds a bit of certain effects used by the Steve Miller Band
A24 WindS Classical horns
A28 Harmocat Nice harmonica sound - Patch title probably inspired by famous trio "the Harmonicats"
B01 Trumpet1 Honest trumpet sample - Aftertouch engages appropriate vibrato
B07 Trptocts Trumpet octaves - jolly trumpets
B18 AaaHhhhh Excellent digital ahs
B20 FatPad Analog goodness
C02 Brasect2 Ok brass section
D01 Brs Hit1 typical "elephant" style


KSDU-021 Guitars

Sound name with audio demo My comments
A01 AccGtr 1 a nice, crispy acoustic guitar - not too shabby especially considering this library was made in 1987
B01 Electrk1 Rock 'n roll
B07 Electrk7 a bit '80s
B13 ElectrkD nice guitar with juicy '80s flanger - rigorously done with the two DDL lines, guys... I'm only adding a pinch of reverb to all these samples, nothing more
B18 Vel-Pad2 Cinematic break
C01 OD Guitr Overdrive guitar- hair-metal fare
C05 OD Guit5 Bluesy and expressive
D02 Pop Gtr2 1960s pop guitar


KSDU-022 Pianos

Sound name with audio demo My comments
A01 GR.PIANO A very nice grand piano sound!!! Improves on the one on diskette KSDU-001.
A09 HONKY Cool honky-tonk piano
B01 E.P.BASS standard split: acoustic bass on the left side of the keyboard, Rhodes on the right.
B08 Piano 8 Supremely '80s This is a piano sample edited with the wonderful analog engine onboard.

KSDU-023 Flutes & Harp

KSDU-023 Flutes & Harp

Sound name with audio demo My comments
A01 FLUTES This is an extremely sweet-sounding flute sound. ALSO works for Mellotron-type.
A02 FLUTES 2 Realistic, beautiful tone.
A10 SYNSTRNG Nice flangey synthesizer strings
A11 SYNSTR 2 Brassier strings
A12 TOMITA 1 Very cool rendition of the analog flute/sounds of the inimitable Japanese electronic keyboardist
A20 SYNLYRA4 Beautiful 1980s plucked synth
A32 TAJMAHAL Wonderful flute patch, very gentle and expressive
B02 LowHARP Lovely bucolic moments
B03 Octaves Low strings of the harp

KSDU-024 Woodwinds

KSDU-024 Woodwinds

Sound name with audio demo My comments
A01 PanFlute the wonderful Andean instrument
A04 Pan 4 the pan flute gets the analog treatment...
A05 ZAMFIR Obviously inspired by the incredible Romanian artist Gheorghe, "the master of the pan flute"
A10 PanSynth this could be perfect to accent a scene of Red Riding hood skipping away through the woods to go visit her grandma.
B02 OBOE HI okay
B04 Oboe4 Lots of very nice and expressive vibrato
B10 OboSynth cool...

KSDU-025 Strings

KSDU-025 Strings

Sound name with audio demo My comments
A01 STRINGS Fabulous samples that improve on diskette KSDU-003
A04 STRINGS2 Beautiful.  There's "something special" about how the DSS-1 delivers the sound, I think
A06 ORCESTRA big orchestral ensemble
A10 SYNSTRNG the classic mid-80s Korg analog filters
B01 VIOLIN1 Distant and classy
B02 PIZ-VIOL Plucking away on the strings
B05 SLOSTRNG Solo Strings - nice sound

KSDU-026 Harpsichord & Organ

KSDU-026 Harpsichord & Organ

Sound name with audio demo My comments
A01 Hrpsicrd Realistic harpsichord for classical
A03 Hrpsi 4' and this one is more apt to score a 1960s movie
A06 Bright Nice Baroque-style harpsichord
A19 SYNLYRA3 Curiously Pink-Floyd'ish, don't you think?
B01 PIPE Orq Powerful church organ, all stops pulled
B06 CATHEDRL huge church organ


KSDU-027 Brass

Sound name with audio demo My comments
A01 FlglHORN not bad for 1987...
A04 BRASS 4 reminds me of Herb Alpert for some reason.
B01 Fr.HORNS Very solemn French Horns, improving on diskette KSDU-020
B32 BRASSMIX Sparkly brass

KSDU-028 Brass & Sax

KSDU-028 Brass & Sax

Sound name with audio demo My comments
A01 TRUMPETS trumpet section in the king's yard
A03 BRASS 3 curiously 1960s cinema style
A07 FANFARE7 Get that fox!!
B01 SAX 1 Again, not bad for being a 22 year old saxophone patch
B05 SAX ENS sweet swing band style


KSDU-029 Percussion

Sound name with audio demo My comments
A01 SIMMONS The classic hexagonal kits from the '80s
A02 SIMMONS2 version with the "Miami Vice" snare
B01 DRUMS recognize something?? Some of these went into the M1...
B02 ROCK 2 with cool slapback echo obtained with the DDL lines


KSDU-030 Electric Guitars

Sound name with audio demo My comments
A01 GUITAR 1 sweet electric guitar sound
A03 CHORUS 1 nice Strat with chorus, again obtained with the DDL
A04 GUIT DDL swingy Rockabilly guitar with slapback echo, courtesy of the Digital Delay Lines
A07 STEEL 2 The DSS-1 has a cool Auto-Bend feature, you know...
A32 TAJMAHAL phenomenal patch, extremely cinematic and introspective
B01 GUITAR 1 The U S of A 's favorite sound


KSDU-031 Percussion II

Sound name with audio demo My comments
A01 ROCK KIT a solid drum kit
A03 ROOM DDL a very cool drum kit with slapback room ambience courtesy of the Digital Delay Lines
B01 LATIN PC nice percussion kit


KSDU-032 Orchestral Perc

Sound name with audio demo My comments
A01 ORCHPERC Excellent timpani!! And nice rolls
B01 GONG Great Wall of China


KSDU-033 Combination Snds

Sound name with audio demo My comments
A01 MIDI-MIX Classic '80s drum, bass and brass sounds!
A02 TYMPANI2 Nice timpani and cool drum set
B01 PERC-B Aggressive, rough drums and cool percussion.


KSDU-034 Woodwinds

Sound name with audio demo My comments
A01 RECORDER with nice vibrato engaged by the aftertouch
A02 FLUTE 2 Nice & happy orchestral flute
A12 TOMITA 1 Another variation on Tomita's synthy flute sounds
B01 CLARINET Pretty realistic!!


KSDU-035 Vibes, Glock, Piano, Clav

Sound name with audio demo My comments
01 VIBES beautiful vibraphone patch
A02 GLOCK 1 Woody, muffled glockenspiel?
A07 ISLANDS Nice marimba sounds
B01 DIGPIANO Characteristic hybrid piano
B04 CHORUS typical piano through chorus of the 1980s


KSDU-036 Strings II

Sound name with audio demo My comments
A01 STRINGS Modern-sounding string ensemble
A03 HIGH Strings played in the high register, very expressive...
B01 CELLO&UI What's UI? Uillean?


KSDU-037 Mixed Percussion

Sound name with audio demo My comments
A01 INDIA Fantastic Indian setup!
A05 MYSTERY5 Bouncy analog synth
B01 KALCHIME Kalimba and Chimes... Reminds me of the movie "American Beauty"
B03 STEELDRM Steel drums - the classic Islands instrument
B06 MYSTERY6 Romantic setup, very nice


KSDU-038 Voices

Sound name with audio demo My comments
A01 CHOIR FANTASTIC (mainly female) choir!!! Very realistic AND expressive! 1987!
A04 Cathedrl the time to be jolly
A09 9 Gorgeous ambient sound
B01 EL CHOIR Electric Choir - nice female robot voice - Reminds of the tone of "O'Superman" a bit


KSDU-039 Woodwind & Strng

Sound name with audio demo My comments
A01 W.W.E1 Woodwind ensemble 1 - classical niceness
A05 MixedENS Regality
A13 Legato 2 Orchestral expressivity
B13 Str Echo String Echo - I just looove those DDLs
C06 W.W.Ens6 Woodwind ensemble 6 - VERY beautiful and cinescore-like
D01 Bass&VL very nice split


KSDU-040 Strings

Sound name with audio demo My comments
A01 MixedStr *big* strings
A04 Legato 2 Cool John Barry style string ensemble!
A05 Legato 3 Nice mixed strings
A10 Bell+Str Classic Bell + Strings combo - Reminds of certain sounds used by Philip Glass.
C04 Str 16&8 Nice, dark orchestral ensemble


KSDU-041 Wind Instruments

Sound name with audio demo My comments
A01 Flute 1 beautiful flute, with nice vibrato
A03 Piccilo this should have been 'piccolo' of course...
A09 Murafuki Awesome Japanese flute
A10 EchoShak Superb patch of the Japanese flute, the shakuhachi
B01 Bottles1 Reminds a bit of a Calliope sound


KSDU-042 Brass

Sound name with audio demo My comments
A01 Horns 1 solid horn section
A02 Horns 2 Beautiful 1980s synth brass
A08 DWGSHorn Synth brass with character
A23 BrassRes Cool sound with analog filter resonance -very early 1980s.
A25 SpaceHR Space Horn - Very cool spaceship horn
A27 Alaska 0 Brass patch probably inspired by the CS-80 sound in British band UK's "Alaska".  I found this type of patch in other synthesizers, like Kurzweil and Alesis
B01 Tuba&Flu Excellent European, military style tuba and flugelhorn


KSDU-043 Reeds 1

Sound name with audio demo My comments
A01 Clar. 1 another nice sounding clarinet patch
B01 Oboe 1 orchestral oboe, expressive
B17 Oboe&Saw This totally reminds me of certain sounds used by Thomas Dolby from "The Golden Age of Wireless"


KSDU-044 Reeds 2

Sound name with audio demo My comments
A01 Bassoon1 the grandfather of Peter and the wolf
B01 E.Horn 1 Okay
B03 EchoHorn the DDL adds an aura of mystery to samples on the DSS-1....


KSDU-045 Guitars (Acoust)

Sound name with audio demo My comments
A01 guitar @ very, very good acoustic guitar patch, still realistic after many years.
A05 guitar 5 Spanish variant, nice
A06 MIX 1 sparkling guitar through effects, very '80s
B01 Folk Gtr Bob Dylan on a floppy


KSDU-046 Guitars (Rock)

Sound name with audio demo My comments
A01 Rock Gt1 Overdriven Fenders
A02 FeedBack yep
B01 Rock Gt2 Americana


KSDU-047 Bass

Sound name with audio demo My comments
A01 Vel-Bass Classic '80s bass - precursor of the M1 bass
A06 ChukBass More classic '80s bass
A10 Bass-Pno Gorgeous '80s setup - bass + FM Rhodes. Very "Simply Red" or "Sade"
B01 JazzBass Quintessential Jaco style fretless Fender Jazz
B04 SynBASS2 Modular glue
B05 SynBASS3 Standard "New Order" 1980s bass
B08 AQUARIUM cool underwater sound


KSDU-048 Electric Piano 1

Sound name with audio demo My comments
A01 16' CP-70 the glorious and famous Yamaha electro-acoustic
A02 8' CP-70 same as above, higher octaves
B01 E.Piano1 standard Fender Rhodes... with classic key "whack" when playing harder
B04 E.Piano4 '80s electric piano
B07 E.Piano7 harder-sounding tines
B09 DW-80001 Korg's own DW-8000's e. piano
B12 DW-80004 and a variant, very Yamaha DX7


KSDU-049 Electric Piano 2

Sound name with audio demo My comments
A01 DX-100 solid FM piano from Yamaha's DX100
A02 DX-7 and the most famous sound of the 1980s, the Yamaha DX7's electric piano patch
B02 E.Piano2 Suitcase Rhodes


KSDU-050 MIDI Combos

Sound name with audio demo My comments
A01 MIDI 1 typical layered synths of the '80s
A02 JX-10P a cross between the Roland JX-10 and JX-8P?
A06 MidiWave Digital synths
A09 Rh2&MIDI typical layer of the mid '80s - FM Rhodes and digital synths
A18 Tundra digital moods
A19 Unison powerful lead sound
A22 Synbass Typical bouncy, woody synth bass
A23 FX Echo Nice atmospheres with delay
B01 MIDI #2 classic synth bass of the 1980s - Reminds me a bit of Adamski's "Killer"
B02 Moog LP Moog bass through low-pass filter?
B04 MIDI+LP Digi-synth
B07 DigiLead Cutting
B08 MidiSine very cool sine-wave solo synth - Reminds me a bit of Soft Cell's "Numbers"
C01 DX16BASS the classic DX-style bass
C03 EWAVE 1 Gorgeous digital sound, slightly detuned
D06 MIDIMIX2 classic digital + analog MIDIed layer
D13 MIDIMIX5 More '80s material


KSDU-051 Japanese Inst 2

Sound name with audio demo My comments
A01 Kotar nice koto-sounding instrument
A03 Japan FX interesting Japanese ambience fx
A05 Mix 2 percussion and koto
A08 EchoShak sublime shakuhachi patch through the DDLs
A16 Synchime Interesting bell sounds
B01 Nippon 1 characteristic Japanese band instruments, real instrument loops
B02 Japan 1 gongs and vocals
B03 J.Drums1 Nice Japanese percussion


KSDU-052 Orchestra & Video Games

Sound name with audio demo My comments
A01 O-Hit 1 Many of the usual suspects sounds of the '80s!
B01 Zevious1 typical arcade games of the '80s
B03 Famikun1 More Pac-Man style!
B12 S.E.4 And a few more


KSDU-053 Drums & Effects

Sound name with audio demo My comments
A01 JULY 4 very good fireworks effects
A02 WG.Drums solid, punchy drums
B01 BAD KIT1 Typical 1980s kit, with Simmons-type drums


KSDU-054 Ethnic Perc

Sound name with audio demo My comments
A01 Kalimba1 Sublime kalimba patch, very hypnotizing
A02 Kalimba2 Cool wooden mallet sounds
A15 Pan Pipe Reminds a bit of the classic E-mu Proteus 2 X-Files flute
B01 St.Dr. 1 Nice Steel Drums
B02 St.Dr. 2 Steel drums and happy islanders
B05 Gamelan Awesome Gamelan bowls
C01 Gender 1 More Balinese sonic beauty
D018 GN-Noise Hypnotizing...
D25 Java beautiful set


KSDU-055 Voices II

Sound name with audio demo My comments
A01 Choir 1 Fantastic, well-sampled choir, perfect for soundtracks
A04 Choir 4 Solid chorus
A13 DWGS 1 Cool vintage-sounding vocoder-type choir
A19 DWGS 7 romantic vox
A22 DVP 1 Classic Korg DVP-1 type sounds
A25 DVP 4 more
A26 DVP 5 excellent vocoder-type vox, inspired by Korg's own DVP-1
A31 DVP 10 same as above, gentlier version
B01 Choir 1 Unbelievable female choir!!
B04 Choir 4 Beautiful, enchanting choir
B08 Choir-BL Choir and bells


KSDU-056 Performance 1

Sound name with audio demo My comments
A01 DDLPIANO Nice chorused piano, typical of the 1980s
A02 E.BASS 1 Electric Bass 1 - Standard Fender Precision
A03 ORGAN HA-HA!!!! Here we have the original sample of the uber-famous Korg M1 organ sound, used in myriads of House songs of the 1990s!!!
A04 A.BASS Honest acoustic bass
A05 VIBES Nice vibraphone
A06 CLAV Typical Hohner Clavinet with a bit of filtering action
A07 SYNBASS another classic '80 sound, the DX7's FM bass
A08 ELEC.PNO Digital electric piano of the '80s
A10 FLUTE Nice
A11 F.GUITAR Nice-sounding Folk guitar
A12 G.GUITAR Gut guitar?
A13 E.BASS 2 Digi bass
A14 E.GUITAR Standard Rock 'n Roll electric guitar
A15 HARPSY Harpsichord with emulation of the typical release of the real instrument
A16 DWGS PAD Gorgeous analog pad, perfect for many genres
A22 BS&VIBES Sweet, standard contrabass & vibraphone split
A31 SYNBRASS Aaaahhh... those warm Korg VCFs...
B02 VOICES Nice mixed choir
B04 ALTO SAX Realistic
B22 STR3 Strings 3 - Very beautiful-sounding, elegant strings
C05 TRUMPET Nice trumpet
C06 EP No.2 More FM pianos
C12 ZULE Warm yet digital, nice synth pad
D30 SYNC Nice oscillator sync sound
D32 PIANO Nice accompaniment piano


KSDU-057 Multiple Inst

Sound name with audio demo My comments
A01 ORGAN 1 Excellent Hammond patch, perfect for Jimmy Smith's ballad-oriented material
A05 ORGAN 5 Pop-Rock organ
A07 ORGAN 7 delicate, soft organ sound
A24 GLASS Beautiful sparkly digisynth
A25 LYLE 2 Inspired by Metheny's keyboardists' Oberheim tone
B01 XYLO 1 yep - a xylophone :)
B03 Flute Warm and expressive flute patch
B12 Octaves excellent pipe organ
C01 THESYNTH interesting digisynth
C02 PAD nice digital/analog hybrid
C03 TROLL Solid 1980s comp synth
C08 GLASS beautiful sparkly synth
C11 TREK Wobbly happy tone


KSDU-058 Industries

Sound name with audio demo My comments
A01 Hammers Various objects
A02 Industry Cool machinery fx
A05 SinHits2 Interesting tones
A07 Simmnz More Simmons style hits
A10 CHROMA perhaps inspired by the Fender-Rhodes synth?
A24 StarMan1 Very nice digipad
B01 Dynamo another great industrial sample
B02 Industry Industrial loop
B05 Dyno 3 and the same sample above, used in a synth-sound setting
B06 Jedi light saber battle
B16 PPG Beautiful patch inspired by the great blue German instrument


KSDU-059 Synth Bass & Drums

Sound name with audio demo My comments
B01 SECTION2 Another classic bass and drum set
B30 S&H Classic Sample & Hold synth


KSDU-060 Metal-Metalism

Sound name with audio demo My comments
A01 METALIST classic Rave-type fx
A09 HEAVY.PF Gritty, digital synth
A11 GUM.PROF Very good, happy and rubbery synth
A17 VOIBASS1 very interesting vox bass
A20 METBRAS1 Metal Brass 1 - Very expressive synth lead
B11 BASS-002 Digital bass
B16 VOICEX Nice, ominous chorus
C01 TINBRASS Nice early '80s sound
C02 WOWBRASS solid analog brass
C21 AMBIENT2 Calm, tranquil synth
C32 END-END Fantastic, huge synth string ensemble


KSDU-061 Sound Tapestry 1

Sound name with audio demo My comments
A01 Mobil1 this reminds me of Albert One's "Turbo Diesel", an Italo Dance track of my youth
A04 Living 1 Coca-Cola bottles and more
A09 S.E. 1 Whooshy sound effects
A23 TRAIN a really cool sound!
B01 METALS 1 remember typewriters?
B04 VOICES 1 cats, dogs, and people
B13 S.E.VOIC elevator to Heaven


KSDU-062 Sound Tapestry 2

Sound name with audio demo My comments
A01 SE-A Watch OUT!!!
B01 SE-B underwater comedy show


KSDU-063 Drums III

Sound name with audio demo My comments
A01 DR-kit A very good, '70s funky drum kit
B01 DR-kit B Gated drums, very 1980s


KSDU-064 Drums IV

Sound name with audio demo My comments
A01 EXDS VCA very nice, fluid, New-Wave type drums
A08 SPACE ED Space Electric Drums - awesome electro-drums through delay
B01 gadr VCA Very nice '80s drums


KSDU-065 "D"-Synth Sounds

Sound name with audio demo My comments
A01 FUTURE the classic Roland D-50 preset "Future Pad"
A10 D50&PIZZ More characteristic Roland D-50 sounds
A12 D50&EP No.2 The D-50's electric piano...
A15 HEAVEN superb rising reso-synth
A17 PADSWEEP Gorgeous, classic D-50 style fluffy pad
B01 FANTASIA the classic first patch of the D-50


KSDU-066 Performance 2

Sound name with audio demo My comments
A01 BARI SAX reminds me of Ska groups like "Madness"
A02 TENORSAX Meaty tenor saxophone
A03 ALTO SAX Standard saxophone
A04 TRUMPET Another flavor of trumpet
A05 MUTED TB cool trombone with muffle
A06 MUTED TP Adds the mute to the trumpet for a classic jazz sound
A08 ENSEMBLE Standard brass ensemble
A20 GROUPSAX A few saxophones!
A27 SFZBRASS Nice brass section with sforzando
B01 STRINGS1 Glassy strings
C01 BRS&STR Both staples of the orchestra together
C14 PIANOPAD Gorgeous, classic MIDI set of the '80s


KSDU-067 Rhythm Section & Guitars

Sound name with audio demo My comments
A01 RHYTHM Dense rock drum kit, very nice slap bass, and orchestra hits
B01 GUITARS super-rock distortion
B02 E.GUITAR Electric Guitar - classy Strat with tremolo


KSDU-068 Drum Kits

Sound name with audio demo My comments
A01 KILLER huge drums
A07 NEW KIT Classic '80s drums, such as the type used in Duran Duran's "View to a kill" etc.
B01 SPLASH Hard drums, very well produced


KSDU-069 Lore, Comb, FX

Sound name with audio demo My comments
A01 LORE the first incarnation of the mega-classic Korg M1 sound, at the base of the M1's first preset, the unforgettable "00 Universe"
A20 MYSTYPAD another great way to generate an excellent pad from Lore


KSDU-070 Ambient Drums, Timpani

Sound name with audio demo My comments
A01 AMBDRUMS excellent samples!
A07 UH-OH Ooops!
B01 TMP&BELL Realistic timpani and bells
B07 KOTO UP excellent Koto strums up
B08 KOTODOWN excellent Koto strums down
B09 KOTOTREM another super-classic M1 sound!!
B15 NIMBUS and yet another first incarnation of a classic M1 patch!
B16 SynBass very analog-sounding synth bass
B31 TREMPAD dulcis in fundo... a fantastic, exquisite, atmospheric pad!!!




Each of these floppies also contained "WGS synthesizer presets included in each system".  These are a few audio demos of some of these presets:


DWGS synthesizer presets demos

Sound name with audio demo My comments
Bells delicate bells
Brass 1 Classic synth brass... the '80s again
Brass 2 Wonderful analog synth brass
Brass 3 Gentle, muted synth brass, typically 1980s
BRASS 3 More Korg synth brass
BRASS 4 Wonderful Keith Emerson-style modular brass lead
DDL Clav Cool Clavinet through delay
DW-80001 The first of several classic '80s FM-style electric piano patches
DW-80002 Very DX7.
DW-80003 the DW-8000's take on the classic DX7 sound
DW-80004 More DX7 style
DW-80005 Digital yet warm
DW-80006 Beautiful, crystalline e.p.
DW-80007 Meaty FM e.p.
DW-80008 and another ...
DWGS Bow Gorgeous soft string pad
E.Piano1 FM e.p.
E.Piano2 The DX
JacoBass Expressive Pastorius style Fender fretless
Kilimba Nice kalimba sound
Moog standard analog synth
Organ 1 Warm Hammond
Organ 2 organ reminiscent of Dire Straits-style '80s
Organ 3 The classic M1 percussive organ
Presure0 nice evolving, pulsating resopad
SoftBell the influx of the DX7 was always present in the mid-'80s...
Strings1 Wonderfully slightly pitch-shifting analog synstrings
Strings2 the classic Korg strings
STRINGS3 Super analog strings!
STRINGS4 Ravishing anastrings
SuperDSS Great way to use the DDLs to fatten up the sound
Sweeper let those resonant filter shine
Syncrix Rising synth
Synth 4 Very interesting Techno lead
Voices 0 Beautiful fluffy vox pad
Voices 1 sweet digital vox
Wave N#1 Very typical DWGS (Digital Waveform Generator System) sound
X-Switch cool velocity-switch between electric piano and analog synth


Glen Stegner's Monster Analog audio demo

dss-1 monster analog


Oberheim OB-8 specs
Year of release: 1987
Polyphony: 8
Sound generation method: sampling
Preset memories 4 banks of 32
MIDI: In, out, thru
Sound expansion capabilities: sampling; diskettes
Sequencer no
Arpeggiator no
Velocity yes
Aftertouch yes



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Korg DSS-1 Sound Library review with audio demos - March 22, 2009