K2000 Value Pack
 10-diskette sample/program set for the Kurzwail K2000 series

The Kurzweil K2000 Value Pack was a 10-diskette containing lots of new demos, songs, samples, programs etc. for the Kurzweil K2x00 series.

It is a fun collection to have - Many of the sounds are different, imaginative, and classic 1990s nostalgia.

<Here are a few demos from the diskettes in this set:



Eerie Hits - Samples & Demo <
Soul Suckers!!!! Scary, ominous horror movie soundtrack
Extra Programs <
Pno Arp -C- (MW) Beautiful rendition of piano arpeggio
Bass & Dual Ride swinging electric bass and ride cymbal
Bass & Lead Classic analog split
E Bass sustain Standard electric bass
House Bass Muted synth bass
Saw Bass Meaty synthesizer bass
Slap Bass 1 A la M1 Seinfeld
Synth Bass 1 Typical, resonant synth bass
Synth Bass 2 Filter funk
BRASS1X dir.
Baroque Brass Realistic ensemble
Dyn Hi Brass B Very nice, well-programmed brass section
SoftBigBand Realistic jazz brass ensemble
Synth Brass 1 Anabrass
Tuba Good recreation of the classic orchestral instrument.
A.Gtr.Ensmb.(CS) Very 1980s and good.
Magic Guitar Beautiful liquid guitar
Stereo Jazz Guit Realistic jazz guitar
Muted Guitar Batman style
N. Guitar w-Cast. Excellent patch - a nylon string guitar with castanets - perfect for Flamenco
Nylon Guitar (CS) Very nice and expressive
KEYBD1X dir.
Cath.Pipes (C+MW) Full pipe organ
Cathedral Pipes2 Realistic pipe organ
CP-70 The classic Yamaha electro-acoustic piano
Flute Pipe1 C+MW Beautiful pipe organ, with flute setting
Harpsichord 2 Very good harpsichord sound - perfect for both classical and pop genres
Honky-Tonk Classic out-of-tune piano of yesteryear
Marks Dream Sweet demo song that reminds of the show "Miami Vice"
ORCH1X dir.
Orchestral Flute Very airy and open
Pad Nine Gorgeous mega-lush, soft pad... very K2000
Silk Strings Ok
Solo Trombone Very nice growl and extremely realistic!!
Touch Orch 2 Ok
Peanuts Very, very cool program inspired by the famous cartoon characters
DarksideDemo Daniel Fisher's program
ALA JARRE 2 Lots of movement
LOW WORLD SHIFT Wonderful, shifting pad
My Crow Wave A word play on the Waldorf synth, the MicroWave
EWI Lead Superb, expressive lead inspired by the EWI wind synth controller
LULLABY Beautiful, calm and relaxing
Microwave 2 More Waldorf glassy sounds
Solina Phaze Gorgeous, stupendous synth strings a la Eminent / ARP Solina
Vel Synth Wave Classic early sampled vox
Wet Voices Cool vox samples with echo fx
ICELAND Nice, big synth
lore pad Absolutely beautiful, cinematic pad
Meow scratch Watch out, that cat is mad
o b Waves A nod to Oberheim
Slo Syn Pad (CS) Wonderful, icy pad
Snare Thing Pad Incredibly beautiful evolving pad - The K2000 filters are phenomenal
Funkster - Demo Sequence - Mark Williams 1994 <
Funkster Well programmed funk
Howse Pardy 2000 - Demo Sequence - Steve Donato 1994  <
HowsePardy K2000 with the classic 1990s perc organ and congas
Ibadan - by Jamshied Sharifi - 1994 - Disks 1 & 2  <<
Ibadan Lots of new samples required this song to be split on two diskettes.  Lovely middle-eastern melodies
It's a Hit - Samples  <
CAT NAP Another crazy cat
HORNY Cool elephants!
MOUSE TRAP Tom & Jerry
REGAL MATTERS Realistic, huge brass
Was Then... Is Now! - by Steve Donato  <
Was Then..Is Now Amalgam of pop genres
Xtra Programs - effects - Jord Vox  <
Big lo Bass B I G
choir fixer mega filter action
g in a mnor Superb acoustic guitar performance
Green Acres Nice banjo
JORD VOX 2 Typical early 1990s digital voxes
Melle Orchestra Ok
NoizFalls 2 Typical sci-fi fx
sawz Huge synth brass, very 1980s
STRING HALL Classy string orchestra, a bit a la Morricone
YUP Funk - Sequence by Christopher Stevens  <
CS YUP FUNK Classic 1990s demo - a bit a la Lisa Stanfield


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Kurzweil K2000 Value Pack
Year of release: 199_
Sound generation method:  
Preset memories  
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Misc Set of 10 diskettes for the K2x00 series




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Kurzweil K2000 Value Pack review with audio demo - January 25, 2009