Drumscapes Vol 1
Sample CD-ROM library in Roland S-770 and compatible format


Drumscapes Volume 1 is a collection of drum samples, including single hits and full grooves, formatted on CD-ROM for the Roland S-770 and compatible samplers and sample players.

From the CD-ROM's booklet:  "Drumscapes are direct to digital, live recordings of fully produced studio drum tracks.  In addition, each song track includes every individual drum and cymbal hit for digital sampling."

The recording quality is extremely good: the sounds are very punchy, full-bodied, and the drum patterns are tight and perfectly looped.  The single hits also are recorded very well, so it's easy to create your own drum kits, picking and choosing from the different volumes.

The vibe here is for the most part on the acoustic side of rock/pop, with the occasional venture into hip-hop or Motown -  These samples are really good and if you play any of the styles listed here  below, you will not be disappointed.

The styles included are:
  • Rhythm & Blues
  • Hip Hop/Rap
  • Adult Contemporary/Light Jazz Ballad
  • Medium Rock
  • Fast Heavy Rock
  • Power Ballad
  • Fast Shuffle
  • Slow Shuffle
  • Pop/Country Ballad
  • Fast Techno Rock
  • Medium Techno Rock
  • Uptempo Funk
  • Slow Motown

and as a bonus there's also a full set of percussion samples.

In order to use these CD-ROM you will need a SCSI CD-ROM drive connected to your S-series sampler or XV-5080.  Keep in mind that certain sound data will need 32MB of memory, supported only by the S-760.  The S-770 and 750 have less.


Northstar Productions Drumscapes Vol 1 audio demos

A Lexicon MPX-1 multi-effect processor was used to add reverb/ambience to the samples.


Volume name with audio demo My comments
001 CMB - Fast Rock Starting with a mid-rock done with the single samples, then switching to a few of the loops
008 CMB - R&B Groove Nice and tight
010 CMB - Funk Single sample pattern, then the loops - very "in the pocket"
015 DRM - Medium Rock Kit Powerful bass and snare drums
030 KIT - Slow Shuffle Nicely loose snare, powerful toms
041 BTS - Power Ballad I added some large room reverb to complement the Ballad sounds.
050 BTS - A-C Jazz Adult Contemporary jazz - very cool
061 PRC - Bonus Perc. A full set of percussion elements laid out on the keyboard - great!


Drumscapes Vol 1 specifications


Year of release: 1992
Sound generation method:  
Preset memories  
Sound expansion capabilities:  


Drumscapes Vol 1 pictures (click on thumbnails to enlarge)

Drumscapes Vol 1 manuals

I put together a .pdf of the CD leaflet:

Drumscapes Vol 1.pdf



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