64 Voice Synthesizer Module

The Roland JV-2080 was the successor to the very popular, industry-standard studio expander of the '90s, the JV-1080.

The JV-2080 still featured the same generous polyphony of 64 voices, and 16-part MIDI multi-timbrality.  A total of 768 patches are available on a stock unit (and that's before you start adding expansion boards!), including a General MIDI bank.

The main improvements are more effect blocks - useful in Perform mode - you can use up to three effects simultaneously, and still have dedicated chorus and reverb - and a large, backlit LCD display, with a very useful category search.

Unscrew 10 little screws from the top of the unit, and the JV-2080 accepts up to eight SR-JV80-series expansion boards - for a total of circa 2,000 patches when fully expanded!

The "sonic character" of the 2080 is extremely "warm" - like many Roland synths of the era, even digital ones, are.  Pads are incredibly warm and full-sounding, but really, every category of sounds is well represented.  And by the time you start adding the expansion boards, it's still an extremely valid unit, even after 10 years from its inception.

It's also important to notice that the JV/XP series synths are capable, highly editable machines - There are many parameters to edit, and with the large screen and soft button shortcuts, it's relatively easy and quick to get good results starting from "raw" waveforms.

The JV-2080 has been my go-to studio machine for 10 years, and even if it has been superseded by the XV and Fantom series, it can provide a solid foundation of sounds to any studio.  I spent quite some time recording many audio demos to show how versatile this instrument can be - and remember - this is a stock unit - before adding any SR-JV80-series expansion board... ;-)


Roland JV-2080 factory demo songs:

1 Timepeace
Scott Tibbs
Music by Scott Tibbs    Copyright 1996, Roland Corporation US

Scott Tibbs has performed and conducted for several orchestral groups, including the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, throughout the United States, Canada, Latin America, and Japan.  His diverse compositional output ranges from numerous film, theater and television projects to the symphonic concert stage.  For the past four years, he has been teaching music composition and theory at UCLA where he has received a Ph.D. degree in composition.  He has performed with well-known artists Dizzy Gillespie, Bill Cosby, Jerry Sienfeld (sic), and Bobby Shew, amongst numerous others.

2 Denki
Ryeland Allison
Music By Ryeland Allison    Copyright 1996, Silver Outlet Music BMI

Ryeland makes electronics groove at the speed of sound, including computer controlled transistor rhythm.  Busy Bee on the Quake Coast fashioning Distorted Reality, Cyberian sounds, and during twilight: his dynamism plunders vibrancy at once among peace-loving frequencies.  He jiggles remote to youth righteousness, enclosing his testament to ambrosial positive relatives, buzzing all serviceable results.

He is honoured to introduce this to you.

3 Short Cuts
Yuuki Kato
Music by Yuuki Kato    Copyright 1996, Roland Corporation

Guitarist, bassist and drummer.  At present, he is the managing director of the Music Brains, Inc.  This company is involved in various types of music production, such as CD and background music, and is based in a home studio (in the Setagaya area of Tokyo) that was built with a design concept of a "wholistic (sic) environment optimal for acoustic instruments and computers."  The company's credits include demo data for Roland products such as the SC-88Pro and KR, and numerous titles of Roland SMF music data.  On this demo, direction is handled by Music Brains' chief director Takayuki Nagatani.

Roland JV-2080 audio demos in mp3:

These demos are 100% Roland JV-2080, straight from the master stereo outputs - no other effects were applied.


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USER bank
Patch name with audio demo My comments
001 2 0 8 0 This preset definitely deserves to be the sound one hears when turning the machine on.  A powerful, evocative, majestic and evolving breathy choir/pad.  This is to the JV-2080 what preset 00 "Universe" was to the Korg M1.
002 Keep :-) Keep smiling.  This sound is a typical 303 sound that is being transformed by excellent programming of hi-pass filter, and quality delay fx.  Happy House is the name of the genre that is associated with the happy face in the title.
003 Temple of JV Cool
004 Adrenaline Highly distorted TB-303 sound.  Great for hardcore techno.
005 Rich Dynapad Beautiful soft pad - analog sounding.
006 Morning Lite Delightful, classy and gentle bell pad - typical of the 1990s
007 Rain Forest Incredible programming, sound like a live, field recording
008 Str + Winds Decent classical ensemble
009 Booster Bips Digital grittiness
010 Jupiterings Fantastic analog filter rising pad, inspired by the Jupiter series - great aftertouch
011 Sm.Brass Grp A small brass section - nice
012 Techno Dream The classic sounds used in Robert Miles' "Children"
013 Trancing Pad Bouncy pad
014 Mental Chord Rave/House sound.  "Mental" was an adjective in vogue in the British rave scene a few years ago.
015 Feed Me! Expressive distorted electric guitar, with feedback
016 3 Osc Brass Nice analog brass orchestra sound
017 Planet Asia Nice moving pad
018 PieceOfCheez Cool Clavinet through filter
019 December Sky Beautiful pad sound, inspired by the Korg M1 perhaps
020 East Europe Superb zither
021 RiversOfTime Classic evolving sound, a la Korg Wavestation
024 Pulsatronic One of the classic JV-1080 sounds
029 HolidayCheer Stupendous Christmas sound, a la Linear Arithmetic D-50
030 Glider Powerful analog lead with portamento "slide"
035 X.. Whistle Beautiful recreation of the E-mu Proteus/2 whistle patch that Mark Snow used to score the "X-Files" theme (source:  Keyboard magazine, 0/00)
044 Blue Notes Classic jazz split - contrabass + ride cymbal on the left, brass on the right
046 Enlighten Beautiful voxy pad - typical of the '90s
049 SH-2000 The Roland SH-2000 was a monophonic synthesizer with aftertouch, nonetheless.
050 Shadows Eerie fx pad
054 Full Orchest Nice and realistic orchestra patch
055 B'on d'moov! Typical "electronica" acid sound, best sequenced/arpeggiated.
058 BandPass Mod Respectable filters on this machine.
059 4pole Bass Deep synth bass.
060 Octapad Solid, wide octave pad
064 D-50 Rhodes Soft electric piano like many in the D-50.
065 Solo Strat Expressive and realistic electric guitar sound.
067 Soap Opera Classic 1940s/1950s organ
070 Dimensional Superb evolving resonant pad.
071 Stacc.Heaven Emulation of one of my favorite patches ever:  Roland D-50's preset 61, "Staccato Heaven".  Eric Persing (famous Roland programmer and Spectrasonics founder) did a marvelous job combining an organ waveform with 
074 Afterlife Cool
075 JUNO Power! Nice but which Juno is the programmer talking about? Probably the 106.
083 Soundtraque Another beautiful D-50-factory-style patch.
084 House Chord Quintessential early '90s House chord
086 DesertCrystl Splendid electric guitar with string pad.
090 Darkshine Liquid pad
092 Surf's Up! A great Vox Continental sound - used in Surf music of the 1960s.
097 Resojuice Rough and gritty analog resonant lead - The modulation wheel adds detuning.
098 Silicon Str Marvelous analog string pad - These are the famed Roland warm filters in action!
102 Sequalog Better sequenced.
105 Solo Steel Nice acoustic guitar with steel strings - Includes slide noise on release of the keys.
108 2.2 Bell Pad The programmer is probably referring to the digital/analog hybrid P.P.G synthesizer
115 Gluey Pad Warm and nice.
125 Droplet :-)
126 Silky Way Essential sound in any sound library:  the '80s soft pad!
127 Helium Queen Outstanding Theremin emulation - perfect for Halloween and scoring scary movies :-)

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Patch name with audio demo My comments
001 64voicePiano The standard 2080 grand piano sound.  Usable for many genres, although more suitable for pop/rock styles.
003 Classique Nicely filtered, dark European grand piano
008 E.Grand Classic Yamaha CP-series electro-acoustic pianos
011 West Coast Another JV-1080 classic sound - Acoustic piano + electric piano + strings
012 PianoStrings Very nice, useful patch
014 Waterhodes Electric piano through fx
016 SA Rhodes 1 S.A. synthesis used in the late '80s Roland digital pianos.  The RD-1000 was the most famous model.  Many pros used it in live settings.  The synthesis employed was "S.A.", or structured-adaptive, and rather than being based on subtractive, FM, sampling or other popular technologies of the era, it was a proprietary technique developed by the Roland engineers.  Back then, it had no competition.  It didn't sound exactly like a piano, but the expressiveness was there, the nuances, and the feel.
023 PsychoRhodes Fast filtering
025 MK-80 Rhodes The classic Roland MK-80
026 MK-80 Phaser version with phaser
030 JV Rhodes+ 1980s goodness
037 Phaze Clav 2 Typical Hohner Clavinet through phaser
038 Phuzz Clav Cool Clavinet through fuzz box
040 Claviduck Clavinet through envelope follower/filter
046 Full Stops Nice Hammond organ - the mod wheel engages the 2-speed Leslie effect.
049 AugerMentive A la Brian Auger
051 The Big Spin Massive Hammond through Leslie
055 Tone Wh.Solo Warm, tube-like Hammond, they rock 'n' roll way
056 Purple Spin Distorted organ a la Deep Purple
058 Assalt Organ An assault to the ear drums - the '60s way
059 D-50 Organ The classic D-50 "58 Rock Organ" patch
060 Cathedral Sweet church pipe organ
063 Poly Saws Analog sounding polysynth
066 Saw Mass Fat
068 Poly Brass Fusion like
072 Fantasia JV Emulating the classic D-50 preset
076 Huff N Stuff More D-50 inspired sounds.
078 BellVox 1080 Fantastic soft noizepad
081 Childlike Simple carillon like bells
087 Music Bells Sparkly and nice
092 Warm Vibes Very nice vibraphone patch
099 Steel Drums The sound of the Islands
102 Drone Split Asian coolness
104 Jamisen The typical Japanese instrument
108 Nylon Gtr Honest nylon guitar
110 Steel Away The classic steel guitar sound of the original JV-80/JV-880 synthesizers.
112 12str Gtr 1 Nice 12-string
114 Jz Gtr Hall Cool
118 JC Strat JC who?
119 Twin Strats Typical Twin Peaks '50s style tremolo guitar
122 Rotary Gtr Cool electric guitar through tremolo, a la "Black Hole Sun"
123 Muted Gtr Reggaey

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Patch name with audio demo My comments
001 Dist Gtr 1 Mega-distorted rock electric guitar
003 R&R Chunk Excellent, highly playable guitar patch
004 Phripphuzz A la Fripp
009 Pick Bass Standard Fender Precision played with pick.
013 Finger Bass Fingered bass, typical Roland.
015 Ac.Upright Okay contrabass
016 Wet Fretls Expressive fretless bass with plenty of effects.
021 Slap Bass 4 Clean slapped bass.
025 Mondo Bass Aggressive synth bass.
026 Clk AnalogBs Analog bass with click in the attack.
030 Super Jup Bs Inspired by Roland's own "Super Jupiter MKS-80" synth.
035 BritelowBass Cutting synth bass
037 Rubber Bass Classic Roland synth bass
038 Stereoww Bs Stereo, wide open synth bass
040 Deep Bass Typical Moog bass
041 Super JX Bs Inspired by Roland's MKS-70 Super JX.
043 HI-Ring Bass Techno.
045 SinusoidRave Woofer crazy
048 Auto TB-303 Superb filtered acid synth a la 303.
050 Velo Tekno 1 Nice techno synth, with cool delay fx.
051 Raggatronic Another classic JV-1080 sound.
052 Blade Racer Same here.
053 S&H Pad Nice
055 Fooled Again The typical The Who song.
058 Rezoid '90s synth
059 Raverborg Cool House sound
069 Paz -- Zap Yep
070 4 Hits 4 You Classic early/mid 90s sampled brass stabs.
074 Tekno Hit 2 Classic Techno hits
077 SquareLead 1 Yes
078 SquareLead 2 Yep
079 You and Luck The usual "Lucky Man" patch.
084 FXM Saw Lead Aggressive, nice synth lead with the unique "FXM" Roland effect
088 MG Interval Typical Moog with two oscillators set at a fifth
092 Loud SynLead Brassy lead
095 Flute Lovely flute sound
099 Pan Pipes Nice South American feel
101 Taj Mahal A flute in a large space, very New Age
103 Oboe mf Nice emulation
105 Clarinet mp Ok clarinet
108 ChamberWinds Realistic chamber winds
111 Sop.Sax mf Cool soprano sax
112 Alto Sax Nice
114 Tenor Sax Ok
115 Baritone Sax mm..
118 Bigband Sax Big section!
119 Harmonica Fantastic, realistic harmonica patch
121 BluesHarp Classic dirty blues harmonica sound
128 Mute TP mod Typical Miles Davis sound.

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Patch name with audio demo My comments
005 Trombone Exquisite trombone patch, with cool slide via bender
009 Horn Swell Regal and realistic
010 Brass It! Superb cross between realistic and analog brass
012 Archimede Nice
015 True ANALOG Fantastic soft analog synth brass, typical of the late '70s/early '80s polysynths.
016 Dark Vox Beautiful voxy pad
018 Angels Sing Nice percussive vox
020 Longing... Excellent Fairlight-type choir
021 Arasian Morn Gorgeous Fairlight patch
023 Mary-AnneVox Perfect pad for Ambient music
024 Belltree Vox Mega-ravishing vocal pad with bells in the background
031 Doos Classic Roland doo sound.
034 LFO Vox Yep
036 Warm Strings Soulful cross between analog and sampled strings
037 Somber Str Realistic string section
041 TremoloStrng Yes
044 Symphonique Very cool ensemble, realistic - includes timpani
045 Film Octaves Thick, lovely string section doubled in octaves
047 Bass Pizz Cool
049 Harp On It Beautiful harp
051 JP-8 Str 1 Quintessential Roland pad - inspired by the Jupiter-8
052 JP-8 Str 2 Variation of the above
053 E-Motion Pad Resonant filter in action
054 JP-8 Str 3 Another great variant of the JP-8 strings
055 Vintage Orch aka Solina
058 PWM Strings Ok
059 Warmth Gluey anapad.
063 Pulse Pad Nice
064 Greek Power Perhaps inspired by certain sounds used by Vangelis?
071 JP-8 Hollow Classic Jupiter-8 hollow pad
072 JP-8Haunting And variation.
073 Heirborne Nice and different.
076 Jet Pad 2 Lots of flanger.
082 Fantawine Typical glass pad
083 Glassy Pad Another D-50 favorite.
084 Moving Glass Cool
085 Glasswaves More glassy pads.
087 ShiftedGlass Fantastic soft pad!
090 Rotary Pad Goes round and round
091 Dawn 2 Dusk Gorgeous evolving pad, a la Wavestation
093 Strobe Mode Lots of LFOs
094 Albion Nice effects.
096 Stepped Pad More modulation coolness.
098 SoundtrkDANC Yes
099 Flying Waltz Another typical JV-1080/2080 sound
100 Vanishing Mysterious digital, glassy pad.
101 5th Sweep Resonant analog pad
107 Sands ofTime Delicious and strange pad. Triggers another sound at release.
108 Inertia Weird
113 Shattered Cool, full sounding.
115 Pure Tibet Very nice ambient patch
117 Night Shade Cool noise pad
118 Tortured Cinematic dramatic
119 Dissimilate Perfect for soundtracks
120 Dunes Very nice sci-fi sound fx
121 Ocean Floor Incredible emulation of being underwater
124 Variable Run Cool
126 ComputerRoom Yep..

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General MIDI bank
Patch name with audio demo My comments
004 Honky-tonk Nice and happy honky-tonk
005 E.Piano 1 Soulful digital Rhodes
019 Organ 3 Typical Progressive organ of the '70s
021 Reed Organ Nice
039 Synth Bass 1 Typical synth bass
056 OrchestraHit Yep
071 Bassoon Lovely.
076 Pan Flute Nice
080 Ocarina Outstanding.
086 Solo Vox Nice
100 Atmosphere The classic GM sound.
102 Goblin Nice effect.
106 Banjo Well sampled.
127 Applause Thanks.

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Patch name with audio demo My comments
001 Echo Piano Lovely grand piano through delay
002 Upright Pno Solid upright piano
018 Exotic Velo African feeling
088 Jay Vee Solo Full and analog sounding.
114 D50FantaPerc D-50 style
126 Perky Noize Yes



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User performances
Performance name with audio demo My comments
01 Strobe Pad 1 Superb, complex digital pad
04 Opening Orch Realistic and happy orchestra
05 Cyber Sweep Superb filtering action
07 Humming Pno Pretty piano + vocal pad
12 SH Split Roland analog split
16 LateAutumnSP Beautiful, melancholic soft pad
20 CeremonialFX Cool sounds and percussion.
21 AcPiano+Pad Yes
27 FX Bell Pad More L.A. synthesis fun

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Preset B performances
Performance name with audio demo My comments
01 Dulcimar&Gtr Lovely acoustic sounds
02 DulcitarStk Nice
04 Rave Attack Classic early '90s sounds
10 Cosmic Dawn Beautiful pad
14 Strobe Pad 2 Nice evolving LFOs
19 White Hole Scary Sci-Fi FX
20 EasternSplit Fantastic Asian feel
28 Pad - Lead Marvelous split
30 Bass - Lead Solid split
32 Drone - Pipe Ethnic beauty




Rhythm patch name with audio demo My comments
001 HouseDrumSet Classic TR-808 sounds and more
002 JazzDrumSet1 Honest jazz samples
Preset A
001 PopDrumSet 1 Pop/Rock samples
002 PopDrumSet 2 Pop/Rock samples, more aggressive
Preset B
001 PowerDrumSet Tight
002 RaveDrumSet Nice samples
Preset C
001 JazzDrumSet2 Fusiony
002 OrchDrumSet Orchestral set

Vintage Patches for the JV-series by reader Julian C.




VINTAGE / ANALOGUE' - PATCHES  for Roland JV series Synthesizers.

 These are 3 Patch Banks of 128 patches each, which I programmed on the Roland JV 2080. All Patches use ONLY the JV internal waveforms - NO expansion cards

are necessary. I believe these Patches will also work on the Roland XP Synths.

 I have tried to emulate some of the best patches from the many Vintage and rare Synthesizers I have owned and played over the years. Some Patches are created from memory, some from demos on the Net and some from direct A/B comparisons with the original sound.

 Each Bank also contains a good selection of 'Basics' such as Organs, Electric / Acoustic Pianos, Bass and Strings (which I think The JV does particularly well).

The Patches are in .syx  format.

Hope you enjoy JULIAN C.

Features at a glance
Year of release: 1997
Polyphony: 64
Presets: 768 stock
Rhythms: 12 drum kits
Keyboard: n/a
Responds to velocity: yes
Responds to aftertouch: yes
Sound generation method: Sampled
MIDI: in, out, thru
Sound expansion capabilities: yes, SR-JV80 series expansion boards
Effects: MultiFX, and dedicated Reverb & Chorus
Controls: buttons, large display
Outputs: stereo pairs
Display: LCD, backlit green
Misc: the successor to the studio standard JV-1080


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Roland JV-2080 manual

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