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Generalmusic S2R audio demos

The S2R factory demo song:


S2R internal Demo Song - a very cool (and typical for synth demos of the early '90s) Fusion number.

Stream all Performance audio demos:

Performance name with audio demo My comments
1 Europe  A powerful and mysterious twirled sound pad.
2 Toy Land Delightful bell play.
3 Developmnt Beautiful analog brass and synthetic LFO'd filters.
4 Total Horn Mega '80s synth brass.
5 More Outstandingly beautiful split!!!  A puffy synth pad on the left, and a Vangelis CS-80 type Blade Runner analog brass lead!
6 Undergrnd Nice echoed fusion solo synth.
7 MegaTrack Super-fat and sweet D-50 style breathy pad.
8 Demo Prf 1 Classic syn brass - more on the other channels in the MIDI setup.
9 Demo Prf 2 Classic wavesequence pad - more on the other channels in the MIDI setup.
10 LOCAL OFF Classic syn lead - more on the other channels in the MIDI setup.
11 GreatXpect Classy grand piano + string pad.
12 Hurry Up Resonant and detuned hollow synth
13 SummrJrney Great-sounding fusion split / slap bass on the left and syn brass on the right.
14 Smoothing Delicate pad with rising resonating filters.
15 Deep Quiet Nice soundtrack synth.
16 ThinShocks Ok synth with resonating band-pass
17 Loom Voice Ethereal synth pad with excellent stereo pan effect.
18 Lone Voice Sweet reso-pad - reminiscent of some D-50 sounds.
19 LunarSea Excellent band-pass filter sound!
20 BlackEvent Epic string with pulsating synth patterns.
21 TechnoVint Cool '80s brass techno vintage.
22 PinkSunris Excellent unobtrusive pad for New Age
23 Mad Hatter Great-sounding Hammond organ with Leslie
24 DoomBallad Very atmospheric.
25 UHMM Keys Very nice piano + voice setup.  Notice the envelope of the voice choir that fades to a cacophony - similar to (ripped off from?) a preset on the Kurzweil K2000 series!
26 Glass Vibe Crispy glass hits.
27 MutantStab Realistic "Dragnet" type brass ensemble
28 Bad Pad Why bad?  It's a standard bell synth.
29 DrilngSolo Very good solo synth sound.
30 TwlighTale Another excellent fusion solo synth sound.
31 Ouverture Awesome and powerful orchestral ensemble, unexpectedly with synth sweeps.
32 Midi_Gtr Realistic overdriven guitar.
33 Unstable '80s!
34 ScampStabs Expressive hollow solo sound.
35 Fat Butrfl This butterfly is not fat, just a bit overweight.
36 Alias Great standard fusion solo!
37 ChopChop Very nice and contemporary comp synth
38 SolarLight Nice and analog-sounding buzzing wave
39 LunarHappn Another vintage analog hollow square wave type sound.
40 On Alert Mega fat solo synth
41 Soloist Reminds of the classic D-50 and M1 solo synth sounds.
42 Aliens Outstanding FX synth!!!
43 Monolith Excellent programming!!!  A Wavestation-type sound that would be excellent for scoring sci-fi movies
44 Odyssey You can hear the sirens calling Ulysses
45 Saucer Beauty in the pad
46 SndTrack Very good, mysterious and ominous soundtrack pad
47 SYNTHEX BEAUTY!!!!!!!  Presumably sampled from the Elka Synthex
48 SpaceSolo Intriguing and complex pad
49 Ambient Calm, meditative ambient pad, very Eno.
50 Morning More analogish beauty
51 Maneater Hard synth patch, FM-type
52 OldGdTimes Very nice Crystal Rhodes electric piano
53 WhiteOrgan Nice Hammond with a touch of Roland D-50-style chiffy breath
54 Circle Hammond with fast Leslie
55 ModernOrgn Gritty, old Hammond
56 Expr Organ Cool '70s Progressive tube organ sound
57 Smooth More drawbars pulled out
58 Anglican Sweet and phased church organ
59 LightSound More organs
60 Planets Nice cross between organ and bell synth
61 Solar Wind Phenomenal sci-fi sound FX!!!
62 CyclingFrg Classic "Moog S&H" Emerson, Lake & Palmer sound
63 Vector Disturbing and perfect for horror movies ;-)
64 Gelid Line Very Kurzweil
65 Sea Wake Great rising pad.
66 Winter Age BEAUTIFUL SOUND!!!  Different, evolving, meditative synth soundscape
67 Alien Man Powerful synth rich in bass frequencies
68 Blue Pass Awesome film soundtrack split setup!
69 Pad Sound Beautiful, wide and inspired '80s syn pad!
70 New City Mega powerful 1980's brass
71 George Classy jazz guitar, presumably inspired by George Benson's tone
72 SoloAccord Nice accordion
73 SoloHarmon Very nice campfire harmonica
74 SoloViolin Expressive and outstanding for the era (early '90s)
75 Solo Sax Warm and breathy tenor
76 SoloClarin Classic clarinet
77 Solo PanFl Well-sampled pan flute, pitch controlled by velocity
78 TheRealVib Realistic vibraphone
79 OldCentury Nice orchestra in full flight
80 Church Full pipe organ
81 An _Brass Totally '80s!!!!!!!  Very Roland
82 Lyle SPOT ON!  for Lyle Mays Oberheim sound in Pat Metheny's band
83 Fall Intld Great orchestral ensemble
84 5th Combo Nice brass
85 Pleyades Nice percussive sound
86 GrandEnter VERY nice Progressive setup - Jethro Tull like
87 Trop_Night MORE BEAUTY from this excellent module!!!!!!!  A warm pad on the left, and an expressive pan flute lead sound on the right
88 Let's Solo Intriguing analog lead
89 Equinox Powerful synth setup.  Incidentally, the Equinox is also the name of Generalmusic's latest professional workstation.
90 Dark Quack Awesome split!!!
91 Steps Another excellent glassy Rhodes
92 Warm Ice Similar to "Toy Land" above, at higher frequencies
93 Assembly Solid, classy choir
94 SoftFlight More '80s
95 Buddy Neck Heavy synth
96 StryaStrng Beautiful string ensemble!!!
97 Deeper Classic '90s evolving, puffy sound
98 Gas Danger Nice bubbly pad
99 Clavinet Realistic Clavinet
100 Crisp Ends Order in chaos - nice ending!


Stream all Single audio demos below:

Single name with audio demo My comments
1-1 GrandPiano Classy grand piano.  Could use more samples, but it's ok for the era.
5-3 Rhodx Great sounding Fender Rhodes electric piano
11-3 Wine_Gls2 Spacey fx vibe
14-1 Xylophone Perfectly sampled
23-2 Toots Obviously inspired by great Toots Thielemans' harmonica sound
26-3 SteelGtr32 Solid jumbo acoustic guitar
39-3 Anl_Bass_1 Fat Mooga Mooga bass
54-2 Lyricon00 Nice!
82-1 O_B_filter Presumably sampled from Oberheim OB-series synths
83-9 Soft_Sound Beautiful soft pad!
84-3 Digital_1 Piercing digital lead
84-5 Zerbino The word "zerbino' in italian means a little rug, typically the little carpet put in front of the house.  Used to indicate a pad sound like this.
84-7 Analog_Y Great for analog sequences.
88-3 O_B_X_3 Again, presumably sampled by Oberheim OB-X
88-4 Sympho_FX BEAUTIFUL atmospheric resonant pad!!!  Perfect for soundtracks!
89-4 Devil Muaaha-hahahahah!!!
94-1 Prophet_1 Presumably sampled from a Sequential Circuits Prophet synth
94-5 PinUp_Q Very nice band-pass filtered synth
96-4 Budweis Very nice and bubbly synth - like a kind of beer??
121-2 Drum_Kit2 Very nice and solid drum kit
127-1 House_Kit Standard TR-808 kit


Additional Generalmusic S2R audio demos

The following is a demo I did for a thread at www.Harmony-Central.com , to demonstrate how great this synthesizer is for Ambient/New Age sounds.  The examples are all Factory Preset Performances.

Generalmusic S2R, the PAD synth

Generalmusic S2R Features
Features at a glance
Year of release: 1993
Polyphony: 32-voice
Sound generation method: sample-based
Preset memories 100 Performances, 500 single
MIDI: 2 SETS of in, out, thru
Sound expansion capabilities: reads AKAI disks
Sequencer yes
Arpeggiator no
Effects reverb, delay and derivative
Velocity yes
Aftertouch yes
Sample Memory: no
Display: yes, large backlit


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Generalmusic S2R Manual

kindly provided by Frank Raczynski:
GEM S Series Manual.pdf



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