SR-JV80-06 Dance
Expansion board


Number six in the SR-JV80-series, this card was at the time taken off the market apparently due to legal, copyright reasons.  The card was co-produced by excellent British sound design company AMG, and the quality, variety, and programming is thoroughly very good.

The loops are very solid, and it sounds like some great outboard gear was used to record them, especially compressors, because the tone is really powerful and rounded.  Roland's on-board effects also help in creating a very professional sounding product.

As far as the sounds go, there's a bit of everything, from excellent dance lead synths, to breathy pads, powerful basses, and pumping drum sets.  And as the card says, these sounds are definitely usable for genres other than dance - hip-hop and ragga being two of them that this card would be good for.


SR-JV80-06 Dance audio demos in mp3


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Patch name with audio demo My comments

001 All night!

Very nice sequenced dance pattern - the mod wheel acts on the filter.

002 Tune Up

Classic rhythm in vogue in the mid-90s - a cross between hip-hop and dance.

003 Acidic Grv

Solid analog bass tones.

004 Techno 'Hood

More of the typical hip-hop/dance/ragga sounds inspired by the band "Cypress Hill".

007 Ultrarave

Superb mega-rave setup

012 Homeboy 88

Classic hip-hop rhythm.

013 Gangsta 1 94

Another classic hip-hop pattern.

017 S2S 909 94

Clearly, "Soul 2 Soul TR-909".  Soul 2 Soul popularized this kind of beat in the 90s.

018 Ragga 94

Superb raggamuffin pattern`

027 Squeeky 110

More Cypress Hill "sax hit" style, faster.

031 Surprise2 116

Nice house rhythm, with realistic chants and hand claps.

035 909Dsco3 120

Nice pumping TR-909

039 Jungle 1 124

Classic pattern with plenty of TR-808 cowbell

043 909Swing 124

The 909 in full effect, with a slight swing

044 Human Bt 124


046 Jazzy 130

Inventive, classy.

047 909 Pump 130

Mega-compressed 909!

052 Fast Euro 136

Another classic mid-90s beat.

055 New Jack 136

Classic New Jack Swing pattern

056 Latin Bt 141

Lots of congas

057 Darkman 154

Drum and bass'ish

062 Dance Split

Rhythm on the left, "hoover" on the right.

063 Dance Piano

Outstanding dance "Korg M1" piano

069 Night Moods

Very good, polished digital Rhodes.

070 50's Organ


071 Organ Tong

Must-have, classic dance sound

074 Mod Amb.Pipe


076 Legato Synth

Excellent detuned lead.

077 Summer Time

Very British "808-State and similar" lead.

078 Def Lead

Classic hip-hop synth lead.

079 Minor Rave

Famous tone.

082 Sync Lead

Very good.

083 HyperHiPass

Super high-pass filter.

086 Mod-Trance 2

A bit squeaky-digital but good.

087 Rave at home

Classic rave lead.

099 Sharpy

Another typical sound of the era this card was made.

105 Fiesta

Superb, very popular lead sound of the time, as featured in

108 Ravin'Choir

Another incredibly popular sound, this from

111 Eurostab


121 Fly Chord

More British early 90s tones

122 Ravin'Chords


124 Organ Hits

Famous organ chord as introduced by Deee-lite!

131 Reggae Chord

Classic reggae piano chords

138 Big Ol'Stab

Good also to score "Who wants to be a millionaire" :-)

153 Sci-Fi

Quintessential science fiction effect

154 Whoo-Whoo!

Reminds me of KLF's "Last Train To Transcentral", a classic track from the early-mi 90s!

157 ScratchMenu1

All of them

168 Trans Vox


169 Aaaah!

Nice sample

181 Whoooooooo

Ear candy

188 Vox Menu

Sexy vocals typically (ab?)used in dance tracks of the early 90s

191 Outhere Pad

Breathy pad

192 Tekno Voices


194 Dance String

This would work for drum 'n' bass styles.

198 Oper'Ambient

Breathtakingly beautiful.

199 AmbientPad 1

Classic ambient pad

200 AmbientPad 2

Silkier version.

204 Urban Pad

Nice pad

206 Garage Pad

Fat pad

207 UK Swing Pad

Nice envelope

216 World Muzic

Outstanding synth that evokes memories of early analogs.

218 Dance Brass

Plastic'ky brass.

219 Space Bass

Excellent biting bass.

221 System 100m

Presumably inspired (or sampled) from Roland's famous modular system.

225 Metalrezo Bs

Nice rubbery bass.

229 Acid Tripper

Superbly detuned!!

230 Hood Bass


236 TB-303 Bs 2


238 SH-101 Bs 2

Nice muted bass.

239 SH-101 Bs 3

The Roland SH-101 surely is a sweet-sounding mono.

241 SH-101 Bs 5

More classic synth bass.

244 Nightmare!!!


249 Drum Set 1

Classic TR-909 house set.

250 Drum Set 2

More aggressive variation.


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